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  1. Has anyone on this forum tried the waversa lan isolator ext1 yet?
  2. The Finisar® FCBG110SD1CA5 actieve optische kabel (AOC) Is very good in my system and voices are really great! Just as Adrian discribed👌
  3. Or these ones from the group buy. Finisar® FCBG110SD1CA5 Active Optical Cable (AOC) CISCO SFP-10G-AOC1M Active Optical Cable (AOC)
  4. Why do you need 1000MB for netflix/you tube instead of 100MB? Is 100MB not more then enough?
  5. I'm not sure about that. I have the 3 pieces afterdark groupbuy SFP+ modules here. I use them between 2 EtherRegens, but the 1310 nm version is certainly not the best sounding here.
  6. The AfterDark. Constellation Network Cable Special Edition for UpTone EtherREGEN of 1 mtr is so good, sounds really great, especially after burn-in That's why I ordered a second one of 2mtr from Adrian last weekend. I'm very curious
  7. I would like to bring this tread to your attention again. Some time ago I bought all 3 group buys from Adrian to try out here at home. I do not use the supplied OM, only the SFP+ modules and supplied optical cables between my 2 EtherRegens with a very good result in terms of sound quality. After some burn-in I can confirm that Adrian is spot on with his descriptions. At the moment I don't know yet what my final choice will be in my installation here at home, because I want to let them play here for a longer period of time to be able to make my choice. In any
  8. It is best for the SQ to use the Farad for 1 device and not with the Y cable to two devices.
  9. The case is not the 12V, but how much Amps it uses. The LPS 1.2 can only deliver 1,2 A and maybe your modem needs more
  10. And sometimes it is better not to draw conclusions until after a longer period of time.
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