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  1. I think Audirvana + might have spoiled me. Definitely a better user experience, plus I liked what I heard by using Sox to upsample to DSD. I’m going to put the MacBook back in the audio chain and do some more comparisons. If I really can’t hear any difference between the 2 then the Node is going back, and I’ll save $500.
  2. Signing up for the HD service is easy. As of now, the only way you’ll know what resolution the album is is to actually start playing it, the resolution icon will then show up in the now playing box. I haven’t found any way, yet, to search by resolution, or to at least see the resolution as I’m browsing albums. If this doesn’t change I won’t be going past my free trial of Amazon HD.
  3. I haven’t tried the BluOS desktop app yet. When I was using my MacBook Pro I was controlling with my iPad using the A+ remote app. BluOS on the iPad is quite usable, different than A+, but I’d say on par with A+. I had zero stability issues with Audirvana, and while I haven’t used BluOS long enough to fully form an opinion, I haven’t heard of any stability issues while reading reviews. What you do get with Audirvana, that I don’t think you get with BluOS, is the ability to upsample and tweak your output.
  4. Yes. I have the Node 2i and I’m streaming Tidal, Quboz, and also Amazon HD. Do note though, Amazon HD is brand new, and while it plays just fine on the Node through the existing Amazon Music app on BluOS, the app will need upgrading in order to fully appreciate Amazon HD. Currently, you won’t know what the album resolution is until you actually start to play it. I’m pretty sure that BluOS will get updated so that albums from Amazon show up the same way that Tidal and Quboz do, that is, thumbnails of album covers with icons to denote what the resolution is.
  5. Well, I ended up getting a Bluesound Node 2i, using coax out to my Anthem STR. SQ is as good, maybe better, than my MacBook Pro. Tablet navigation between the 2 is different, but equally functional. What I do like is that my laptop is now more easily accessible, and the Node is small enough that it tucks out of sight underneath one of my turntables. 40 years of construction, and too many concerts in the 60’s and 70’s, has left my hearing in less than optimal condition, so I’m not sure if going any higher up the ladder than the Node would yield audible results.
  6. New member here with a question that’s probably been asked so much that it should be a sticky. I’m currently using a Retina MacBook Pro running Audirvana to stream Tidal. I’m using usb out through a Shunyata usb cable and W4S Remedy Reclocker to the built-in dac on an Anthem STR integrated amp, then out to a pair of Merlin TSM’s. I don’t have any issues with SQ, but I’m intrigued by the simplicity of a one box solution provided by a dedicated streamer. Would I hear an improvement by moving to a dedicated streamer? If so, why? I realize there could be improvements to be had by the change of dac
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