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  1. Audo_Allo, do you have a tracking number for me on the replacement? Thanks.
  2. I tired 24 bit depth and even 32, neither worked. I tried the BNC cable and it's the same, it won't sync to either of my DACs. My DACs work just fine with other devices, so something must be wrong with either DigiOne Sig or the RPi. I even reflashed the DietPi OS, same problem. I then tried PiCorePlayer and got the same result. It doesn't work. How do I either get a replacement? Or I just need to return the whole thing.
  3. I'm using the Shanti PSU. Everything seems to be set up properly as it was when I first turned it on. From everything I've checked, it should be working, but it will not sync with either of my 2 DACs. If I switch the coax rca cable the Digione Sig to a Logitec Touch, both DACs work fine. I also have an Allo Boss DAC and swapped the SD card running PiCorePlayer to the DigiOne and select the DigiOne soundcard and got the same result, no sync to the DACs. Below are the requested images:
  4. I just received the new DigiOne Signature Player with the Shanti PSU. Everything seems fine except the DigiOne doesn't appear to output anything to either of two DAC that I have. It's running DietPi with SqueezeLite and came pre-configured for the DigiOne. Using iPeng or SqeezePlay, I can see the DietPi and it appears to be playing, but nothing come out. I updated DietPi to the latest and checked the configurations and still have the same problem with no sound and the DAC don't see any signal. Is there a command to determine if the DigiOne Sig is actually active and working via ssh? Thanks!
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