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  1. When back to 108, did you have to ask for new registration code? I've tried to go back to 107, but new registration code was needed, as it changed with completely new installation of 421.
  2. yeah, the 195G10 is rated with 10A, the 159ZJ from @Nenon specification is rated with 5A, but what is real power consumption, what Taiko ATX board will draw from PSU, anybody knows?
  3. Hi @Nenon, Do you know what is power requirement to boot C621 MB? Hammond choke is rated with 5A, do you know, what current is taken from PSU by Taiko ATX board? In the meantime ( waiting for final information ) I'm considering to base rectifier on diodes, do you know what amperage will be needed?
  4. I didn't complete the test on dual CPU server, due to some issues with this server ( not solved yet ), but thanks to that I had time to go deeper in comparison of Jact XE card and Femto powered with Keces P8 and Jact Optimo Duo. I can confirm my first impressions described on the previous page. XE gives better resolution and frequency extension bottom to top ( in the good sense of words ). So bass goes deeper, is fuller, differentiated and trumpets shines better ( not brighter ), you have also more information recorded during the session. In short Optimo LPSU on top,
  5. He also recommended ca. 30V as an optimal voltage to charge the Taiko ATX board. Unfortunately my arrived with some issues and I'm waiting for Taiko answer.
  6. I did some tests and as I recall: 1. Finisar 1321P1 – between 2 and 3 2. Finisar 1324P2 - brightest 3. Planet MGB-TLX - darkest 4. Startech 1000ZXST – between 2 and 3 but gives more dynamic – let say, it’s 1 on steroids. Personally I prefer a pair of Finisar 1321P1 plus Finisar 1318P3. I have only one 1318, so no real impression of this one.
  7. I placed it in AC DC Adapter place, but as wrote, only 3 wholes fits.
  8. I just use 3 screws instead of 4. 4th one doesn't feet. I placed it in reserved area for SMPS.
  9. It will be great. JCat XE Card needed, I think 4 days 24/7 play to start to sound correctly and the change was sharp, just after four days it was ready. Nevertheless I'm still astonished how good Femto USB card sounds with Jcat Optimo LPS. Following your description of Ultra PF Card these two can be a dream team :)
  10. I did recently some tests of Jcat cards on my X99 mb with 10 core Xeon with Euphony/Roon OS. Jcat USB Femto charged with Keces P8 USB 5V got new life powered by Jcat Optimo Duo. Changing LPS for Optimo was eye opener. SQ uptick was really significant and I was, in fact shocked, how big difference comes from this LPS. Everything improved, but what was important, everything was just right, balance, pace, colour. Just pleasure to listen to. Before I had some remarks to my server sound according tonal balance and the sound correctness. With new LPS everything clicked and came on the r
  11. I’m not sure, if still active pre order form https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=wAyHaKEU5EWxi4f_4gJE6LY6WJsC4qJJgufOWga3mOJUNlZSMDhBOEs5NVBVUDFKRENINlQzOVlZOCQlQCN0PWcu In coming days there should be info from Taiko on possible deliveries.
  12. Hi, do you know, how will look logistic with EU DIYers? It will take time and money to send it to US and back to EU, can we get it somehow directly?
  13. Hi, Does your XE card gave sound improvement vs onboard USB controller? I’m considering to buy it and your opinion will help with decision 🙂. AO3 works on dual MB? I have W10 LTSC on the same MB installed.
  14. What I understood, launch will start with Extremes, after EVO 2015 and as it is single CPU server, I see nothing against to make it available widely. Hi @Nenon, any news :)
  15. I did research years ago and if I remember well, Plextor drives were scored high.
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