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  1. Or, do like many have done and cough-up a hundred or two and find out for yourself where this sound starts at....then the relevance will actually mean something to you. At home where you have your base to judge against?
  2. It is stunning compared to anything else. Without the noise on general purpose computing whirring away or the more audio focused and yet noisy circuitry or the spinning of disc's. Simplest of processing to just read a FAT32 file only being injected into the audio chain and then that modded or built to as high a standard as you wish? You can't get simpler vs not injecting noise noise from unnecessary options in computing or spinning a disc.
  3. Ok, I get that but have many, many members actually tried to leave their loves behind for another such as a smoke'n hot little SD card reader with arrival blue eyes with tongues of fire leaping from them? Look, people get it in their head that they like bouncing all over the place with a computer or spinning a disc or even just find security in a brand name or such as it is part of their identity. That's cool, even measureurers...hahaha, some won't here a thing if it ain't got that oscilloscope ring baby! Well, I am looking beyond the noise makers to cool silent running for this beggar's beach of gold. Also? Hardcore disc spinners on batteries all tweeted out who would swear they would never find anything better? Their now SD card readers. 😉
  4. Exactly! CD spinner or computer noise is what I am trying to loose as I spiral down this rabbit hole with Dorthy !-)
  5. I could not find a schematic after looking just recently and so not being the most clued in to the details in a board? I have sent it off for someone of far more experience to have a look for me as to which caps and resistors I should be replacing and any other guidance in general. So I can't give you a pic right now either....when it returns I'll post some for you. I am really liking the look of the Silver Tantalum Non-Magnetic Resistors. Now if I was not wanting to fool around under the hood some myself? Then I would get a QA661 by QLS-HIFI. Audio Note Silver Tantalum Non-Magnetic Resistors | Hifi Collective.pdf QA661--Hi-Fi Digital Audio Player&USB Bridge to Computer.pdf
  6. This is the one for WAV files that I have been told is good for modifying and ultimately getting this reader, DSP, and amps under one hood for shortest runs board to board. So I have New Class D, Neutron Star 2 and it's power supply, the new regulators and op amps of their's also in the thing and sorting out which caps and resistors to change out to what. Bonus with this thing is it has a headphone amp with it too. https://www.amazon.ca/Hifi360-HF-PLA-Quality-Desktop-WAV-FLAC/dp/B00A2QLZNS
  7. Wav files in iTunes from cd's imported into laptop which have been transferred here and there through various apple formats (by apple's doing), over time. starting to wonder if my files are the same anymore and should I read load the cd's and then is the laptop's reading the optimal way? I want to get the best WAV files for using an SD carder reader I have that wants FAT32 files. I just want to stop and reload what it is I have been thinking/doing with this process and see if I am on track with starting from where and how I deal with source materials and then how they end up on a SD card.
  8. Is there an optimal way to collect and then transfer music to a wav file on an SD card? I am a Mac guy but is there more I need to do other than drag a tune out of tunes and add it to a file? Does the use of Mac limit a file I make? What about adding cd's to my ssd storage, is there details in that process? Or downloading? Thanks, Ian.
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