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  1. For measurement accuracy, the review mentions moving all furniture out of the microphone's path. I thought the more accurate measurement is to measure the room as it is during a listening session. So what is Dirac recommendation on this?
  2. Do we have to recreate filters or retake measurements for these updates?
  3. Regarding the processor's gain control.... how exactly is that control working to reduce or increase volume (to help with potential clipping?). Are there any guidelines for how much reduction is too much? I keep mine around -13db because some of my albums are mixed at very high levels.
  4. @flak I have same issue as michael123. I'm PM ticket to you
  5. Hi Alain, Did you ever find out what is going on with multichannel version?
  6. @flak Can you provide clarification as to what has been officially released? And on each platform? For example, Multichannel processor for the PC seems to still be Beta? But two channel is release? I for one am thoroughly confused. Also, on each platform what playback sample rates are supported? I am *trying* to beta test the multichannel 64bit PC version (with JRiver), but I can't determine how sample rate should be configured I utilize 96khz for everything - but is that the only option or is it correct? Thanks
  7. Thanks. Helpdesk got me going, although for me I now have a couple of issues related to setting initial channel levels. Unfortunately, the helpdesk site is not working for me at moment, so I'll have to wait to report. One item that I'm not sure is a bug or not: When setting initial levels, all channels except for the subwoofer play pink noise. Subwoofer channel plays the calibration sweep tone and not pink noise. Is that behavior you are seeing? Issue I am definitely having is: Clicking on the "play" button for a channel's test tone (for setting levels), works inconsistently . Most of time I have to toggle button multiple times to initiate the leveling tone. Sometimes, it just won't work at all.
  8. Did you ever get this resolved? I just installed the latest beta and I am not able to get multichannel setup configured. Only stereo. I filed report with help desk.
  9. Has anyone configured their Dirac installation for multichannel? I'm just getting around to trying the new beta. I first uninstalled and deleted all Dirac directories. Next I reinstalled all new software and copied channels.json (5.1) to: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Dirac\DiracLiveProcessor (per DiracLiveMultichannelGuide.pdf) Dirac will not configure to multichannel for me. This worked fine with previous processor marked alpha If anyone has successfully configured for multichannel, will you please provide details? This is version 0.9.37 on windows 64 bit. Thanks very much
  10. In addition - has pricing been determined? While I have yet to install the latest Beta, I am fairly certain I understand the pros and cons of using the processor. I am at point in time where pricing is important to my evaluation process. Thanks
  11. Flavio, I received download link for the processor, but the link points to the same version number that I already have installed My current version is DiracLiveProcessor-0.9.24-alpha-win64 Can you please confirm what the version number for this new processor? I don't want to install wrong version. Reason.... Each VST install to JRiver corrupts my Jriver license and I don't want to go through process of restoring Jriver license with incorrect DLP install. This installation with JRiver real problem that needs to be corrected. I have reported this to help desk via Dirac portal. I believe it to be uninstall registration info incorrectly entered to windows 10 registry. Can you also confirm the sample rates currently supported by the processor. Last correspondence I have on this is that 88.2khz is NOT supported. Has this changed? Thanks, Martin
  12. Thanks for the explanations. As far as the headroom adjustments to avoid clipping, is this something that is still being "tuned" by Dirac for the final product release? I ask because some playback ( I believe always 2 channel) requires, what I consider, way too much amplifier increase for playback play at acceptable volumes. There seems to be way more headroom than required by these recordings
  13. I have one filter, that when engaged,is very close in level to the non-engaged setting. Every other filter decreases volume level significantly when engaged. For the most part, I've been finding the "engaged" filters to lower volume more than I'd expect. Anyone have an idea as to why this might happen? Also, I've found the measurement process inconsistent in that I generally need to reboot my machine with microphone attached to complete process successfully. If I don't do this, I almost always end up with incomplete measurements. And a general question about setting the initial levels; what's the proper procedure? I generally just try to even out each speaker's volume db reading as much as possible but .... is there a target db reading (other than it's "green") that I should be achieving?
  14. I'm not sure just reducing the level is the solution. Multichannel rarely clips to the degree, if at all, that 2 channel is clipping. Also, reducing the level by -8db will fix the 2 channel problem, but lowers the multichannel when it need not be. Even before lowering Jriver control (to avoid clipping) I generally have to raise my amp's volume by 8 to 10db, to achieve same listening level as with filter disengaged. Now if I lower VST volume control by an additional 8DB, I'd have to raise level of my amp by a total of 16 - 20 db to achieve the same listening levels with Dirac engaged so as to avoid clipping. That just doesn't seem right to me. "Also the above setting is not saved so that it has to be entered again." With JRiver, the volume *is* persisted but the UI slider bar does not properly reflect the setting (at least for me). True, the display always reverts to full volume but clicking on the control demonstrates this is clearly not the case. For example if you click on the control when it indicates maximum volume, nothing should happen. Control indicates we are at maximum volume. For me volume jumps to much higher level. This caught me very much by surprise initially.
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