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  1. Sorry for not being clear. My music library has never been on the Nucleus. Prior to Melco N10 being "Roon Ready" the N10 was defined as a storage device in Roon. After the Melco software update (4.04b) the N10 is now recognized in Roon as an audio device. Hope this clarifies my setup.
  2. Hello all. I read the comments on DSD upsampling, use of HQP and comparing D8D to other devices with interest. I used to run Roon Nucleus as the machine to upsample all my content (housed on a Melco N10) tot DSD512 using the Amanero 2006BE11 software on my D8D. All worked well and sounds great. I have never had the desire to deploy additional hardware in the source to speaker chain. A few weeks ago Melco announced a new release for its streamers establishing them as "Roon Ready" devices. After some fiddling around I quickly returned to a direct USB connection from the Melco N1
  3. Sorry, had no idea I was stepping on toes.. I meant to underscore the fact that it appears both Amanero and T+A are working to also deliver dsd512 to the windows crowd as well. BTW I use Be11 variant which seems to max at DSD256 in my environment. I experienced one little glitch so far. When listening to TV audio using the OPT input at one time I experienced hardly any audible sound apart from crackling and hissing. Powercycling my DAC8DSD resolved that. This happened only once, all works well now.
  4. I would like to thank all contributors to the DAC8DSD topic for adding their insights. Specifically I would like to thank OE333, Volpone and TWLuke as their contributions allowed me to easily update my DAC8DSD to the latest Amanero drivers so that I can now enjoy DSP upsampling from a Roon Nucleus to DSD256. I am confident T+A and Amanero will deliver DSD512 sometime in the future. For the moment I will enjoy my predominantly Flac 44.1 Khz music catalog upsampled to DSD256. PieterJan
  5. Sorry, as a newbie posted in the wrong place!
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