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  1. Thanks Kal-- I just wanted them on my Aurender as well as being able to spin.
  2. Hi Kal-- Big fan by the way.. I'm fine with a download but like having the media in hand as well. I still spin discs (sacd and cd players)
  3. Hi there- does anyone know if these discs will be able to work/rip in the Aurender Acs10 ?? thanks https://www.psaudio.com/products/bach-cello-suites/
  4. Hi group-- I have a ACS10 and thinking of a new N20-- how would I use both? I like the rip feature of the ACS10 but I understand the N20 just sounds better-close to the 20se. Also, is there then a reason to install hard drives in the N20 if you have the ACS10? Not sure how to go forward--thanks in advance--
  5. THANKS Noushy-- well I have a PS Audio Direct Strm dac and the dac in my Mark Levinson no 526 preamp-- with those two options what do you think? thanks again
  6. Yes please Noushy-- please tell the diff between the two. I'm on the fence about getting an N20 or N10-- I have a acs10 they I do like very much
  7. Thanks for the info-=- Starting today on backups
  8. Has anyone come up with a good way to back up their Aurender?? I have the ACS10 and use Mac/Apple computers Thanks
  9. Hi all--- anyone here compare the acs10 vs the n10 or even the W20?? I have the acs10 and love it but just thinking?!?!? thanks
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