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  1. Hi,Miska How to use USB Audio Class 2 inputs in HQPlayer 4 Embedded 4.15.0
  2. callany

    HQ Player

    Yes, I use cuda. Win10 1903. And no "optimizers".
  3. callany

    HQ Player

    After upgrading to 4.1.1, the play becomes stuttering,After reinstalling, there is no problem. My computer is I7 4790,GTX980TI, poly-sinc-xtr + ASDM7EC work to DSD256.
  4. callany

    HQ Player

    DSD256 with ASDM7EC, I can run all filters including xtr 44.1/88/176.excluding xtr 48/96/192. (CPU:i7 4790 ,GPU:GTX980TI,WIN10)
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