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  1. Do we need to make a new measurement? Or has nothing changed on the measurement part and can a saved project/measurement from v2.5.3 be used?
  2. Played around and tested the beta Multichannel VST and working perfect up to now. :) Finally could step away from the 'old' v1.0.3 VST :-) Bring on the Dirac Live Bass Control! ;-)
  3. Same issue here, I still use 1.0.3. All version after that (v1.1, v1.2.0 & v1.2.2) either crash or give no sound when used in Multi Channel. But getting in touch with support is a no-go, as they still not officially support Multi Channel, only Stereo.
  4. I'm having the same issue once in a while, here is a temporarily solution to fix it: - When you get the error, press Dismiss (obviously ;)) - Go to the menu and press Logoff and the login back again - Press the Dirac Live Processor again and it should let you in.
  5. Your V1 license (stereo and/or multichannel) will be converted to V2. Just send a ticket to the helpdesk (https://jira.dirac.services) and they sort it out for you. 👍🏻 - Only beta tester? You get a 25% discount - V1 license owner (beta/non-beta tester)? Your V1 will be converted for free to V2.
  6. Create a ticket for the helpdesk and they’ll fix it for you 👍🏻
  7. Hi, Just contact the helpdesk and they will help you out.
  8. Hi Flavio, As the multichannel beta expires in 2 days, I asked the Dirac Helpdesk about an extension and got the following reply: The Live Processor is for sale now here: https://live.dirac.com/pro-audio/ We do not hand out any more extensions now. I am sorry we have not yet sent out a thank you email to the beta testers. We aim to do this asap. In that email you will also have a discount on the processor. Is this true? Will my multichannel v2 beta just stop working? Or will my v1 license (temporarily) be upgraded to v2 stereo for example? Rega
  9. Yes I did, the helpdesk will help you out. You’ll get a new version and a different config file then before (temporary solution) to make it the channel config you have.
  10. I only get stereo sound with the 0.9.35 beta DLP. Switching back to 0.9.24 alpha DLP gives me 5.1 surround sound again. Anyone else noticed it? Created a ticket to the helpdesk for it.
  11. Hi flak, I have the following 3.0 setup: 3 x KEF LS50 speakers (Left, Center, Right) (-6dB @ 47Hz / -3 dB @79Hz) Before sending it to Dirac (v1) I use Equalizer APO to do the following: - Copy everything below 79 Hz from the L/C/R channels to L2/C2/R2 - Copy C2 and R2 to L - Copy L2 and C2 to R - Copy L2 and R2 to C This gives off course a little bass bump from around 100 Hz and lower. Then I send that to Dirac v1 which perfectly corrects that bump. When measuring the speakers 'clean' Dirac v1 says the drop-off point is 40Hz
  12. Hi, When comparing the sound with filter on/off, the sound is a couple of dB louder with filter on. So comparing is a little bit difficult. Especially if I run the sound through the v1 DAP to compare, v2 is louder so difficult to compare. Anyone else notice this loudness difference? BTW I have a 3.0 setup with no bass management through Dirac (I do my bass management else where) and use the DLP vst filter in JRiver MC.
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