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  1. Hi llamaluv, would be nice if multiple arguments are used to find tracks/albums most of the time i want to look for example something like Adagio and sostenuto or Violin and Adagio , etc there are a lot of scenario's there. next to that it would be stellar if search could be done on all available meta data(tracks and album) and result in tracks/albums😀 but for now let me just say things are looking good! Derryck
  2. Just finished listening Ning Feng, now some Martha Magic
  3. Ordered on # purchases Highresaudio, Prestomusic, Qobuz, HDTracks, NativeDSD, Hyperion, HiDefTapeTransfers, Blue Coast,Bandcamp, Artistshare I prefer Highresaudio, they alsways have perfect id3 tags , also if there exists "192khz without sense "they simply dont publish it.
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