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  1. MOP 2017 remastered is very good
  2. ripples

    HQ Player

    forgive me if i mix things up with other discussions , i dont use Mytek i'm using a Cyrus QXR dac . 48K ,96k ,192K. works perfectly fine with the other filters . It is just these 2 new ones sync-S and sync-M where there is no output to the dac.
  3. ripples

    HQ Player

    Hi Jussy, i noticed sync-S and -M dont take 48K ,96k inputs . (it does take 44.1k ,88.2k..)
  4. ripples

    HQ Player

    Dont know , not the expert, but if you read between the lines on this site there is a preference for intel. my laptop i7-8750H runs ASDM7EC / DSD256 with no stutter. But In practice i prefer Dsd64 with No fan noise...
  5. Performed by Ricardo Gallén 6 Suberb sonatas from Leo Brouwer. Leo writes about Gallén,
  6. Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso thats a name ..
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