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  1. LOVE these. Currently setup in office with an ELAC DDP-2 DAC streamer. Replaced a pair of B&W 705’s powered by a Peachtree Nova 300. These NAVIS’s sound beautiful, and like all ELAC they have excellent build quality, very practical features, and no fluff. Haven’t tested the direct streaming (no need). Small, but heavy.
  2. I actually have invested in some very high-tech “furniture sliders.” 1-inch square pieces of plastic. Once I get my miniDSP UMIK-1 and @mitchco teaches me to take measurements it will be fun to measure with couches in “social human” vs. “introverted audiophile” positions.
  3. Yes, yes,...the damn sofas. I know. I could always sit on the sofa and wear headphones? Would that help?😞
  4. Great piece, @The Computer Audiophile. I am about 6mos in with my new system (Roon>dCS>Parasound>Wilson Yvette). I love it, but it is *deeply* compromised by my room. I know many of you referance “wife acceptance factor” or some such when it comes to listening rooms and system design, but in my case it is extreme. We do not have a dedicated listening room, so the system lives in our main living room. Nothing about the architecture or construction of our old house would be considered acoustically advantageous. My wonderful wife is an architect and designer who is perfectly content listening to music on her iPhone’s speaker (🤮). She has furnished/decorated the room beautifully, but again, with zero consideration for acoustics. After all of that, I was able to come in and drop my dream system into this hostile environment. The system sounds,....(insert adjective). Of course this depends. If, like most people I know, you love the sound of Spotify through SONOS, our system sounds freaking incredible. On the other hand, if you set this system up in an ideal acoustic environment, I think it could sound twice as good. I know that, I hear that, and it bugs me. What to do? I love this article and, on Chris’ advice, am happy to now be working with @mitchco. But I know I am still dealing with some severe, non-negotiable constraints. Maybe, just maybe, I can sneak some acoustic treatments into the room. But for now, DSP is my best hope as it is a truly “invisible hand” that does not impact room aesthetics. Thoughts, suggestions, jokes, or thrown tomatoes welcome....
  5. https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/90fd26c3-9d56-46af-b8f2-bfb40db7c225 This TIDAL playlist contains all live Grateful Dead music on that platform, in chronological order. 💀🌹
  6. https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/90fd26c3-9d56-46af-b8f2-bfb40db7c225 This TIDAL playlist contains all live Dead music on that platform, in chronological order.
  7. Great review, indeed. AudiophileStyle feels like the natural home for this. If there is another audiophile media outlet more "worthy" of this review, I've yet to find it.
  8. I just copy/pasted my review from Amazon. Probably too much for this thread. Sorry.
  9. McNally's book was pretty good. Kreutzman's was great. My favorite in recent years was Steve Parrish's "Home Before Daylight." Joel Selvin's book was a slog. While it may have been well researched, this book is more tell-all, tabloid drama rather than an even-handed, journalistic addition to the band’s history.Selvin betrays a very limited appreciation for the Dead or their music. The primary objective of as a hit-job on Phil and Jill Lesh. The treatment if the Lesh’s is borderline ridiculous. News flash: in-laws are difficult to deal with! What exactly would a veteran of the rock world expect in the wake of Jerry’s death? Continuous harmony? Slevin plays the drama around the Lesh’s up into some horrible, primary narrative that dominates the history of the band, post-Jerry. That narrative simply doesn’t match the reality that we have watched unfold.Slevin does not understand the music or the respective roles played by various band members. I suggest anyone who reads this catty account of backstage griping also seek out New Yorker “Deadhead: The afterlife” by Nick Paumgarten November 18, 2012. This is perhaps the most insightful examination of the band and Phil’s role in it. All lost on the author of this book.In the 20+ years since Garcia’s passing, fans have had the opportunity to see the core four plan in various permutations: solos, duos, trios, and all four together. We’ve seen younger, hotshot musicians pulled into the fold. We’ve seen the Dead’s repertoire get reggafied, bluegrassed, alt.countried, and alt.rocked. The Dead legacy has only grown in the last few decades and they have truly become their own idiom and genre. Witness New Orleans Jazz Fest this past May 2018. Multiple Dead tribute bands every night, even without a member of the core four in town.Any FAIR evaluation of the band members’ activities during the post-Jerry years would credit Phil Lesh above the others as preserving and extending that legacy. What has Billy (a personal hero of mine and the Dead’s unsung hero) really done to serve as a steward? He was on his own, isolated trip for years. Micky Hart was busy listening to planets collide and studying neuroscience. More power to him, but it wasn’t Grateful Dead music. Bob Weir, the ostensible hero of Slevin’s book, has spent two decades gigging constantly, exploring fairly selfish re-interpretations of Dead songs with weird vocal phrasings you can’t sing along to, through a fog of booze and sedatives.Meanwhile, Phil, fighting through serious physical hardships pushed the music forward. Through his various bands he has played with energy and immense creativity. You could actually dance, or be surprised, at Phil shows.But to Slevin, anything Phil or Jill Lesh does is driven by greed. No instance is too small to hold up as evidence of the Lesh’s malfeasance. Phil had a party for himself on his 60th birthday!!! The arrogance!!! Jill got into a spat with Mickey Hart’s wife!!! Stunning!!! Has this author never been to large family thanksgiving before?His animus towards the Lesh’s spills into his review of the concerts. Totally off base about Fare Thee Well. Read his comments about “Terrapin Station” and Phil singing. Fans long ago made piece with Phil’s weak voice. At least the man sings the tune. Listen when Bobby comes in with a weirdly phrased, off beat “Inspiration” and throws the band off its rhythm. Many attending thought “Mountains of the Moon” was a poignant high point. Slevin has no ability to access that.The bottomline for me is that since Jerry’s passing, the core four have played A LOT! The have experimented and done their thing. They haven’t all agreed, but when it has counted, they have come together and made it work. Slevin’s harsh telling of this story - especially the Lesh’s involvement - just doesn’t jibe with the results we’ve seen onstage. What super-functional aging rock band is Slevin comparing these guys to? Does anyone think the Stones could do any better after Keith or Mick dies? Hell no. The core four have done the best they can with the circumstances they were given. Amd they’ve kept trying. God bless ‘em.Saw Dead and Co. a few weeks back and it was,....slow. All respect for those guys, but I have to say that the proof is in the pudding and and pudding has shown me that Phil did have a better, deeper approach to Dead’s music. I can’t fault him for not wanting to tour with these guys forever. The Other Ones sounded the same,...half asleep.The man gave his life to the Dead. Has he not earned the right to play with whomever he wants to play with? (Especially when his choices lead to great results!?) To open a bar if he wants to? As for the sefish conditions he reportedly set on his involvement with the others, I would argue that they probably improved the product that eventually got to the audience.Leadership is a double-edged sword. You get some power and control when you lead, but you also get a lot of accountability. When you step up and take the lead, you are going to be criticized and second-guessed. Doing that within a dysfunctional family with many millions at stake? All the harder. This book tries to frame Phil Lesh as an opportunistic, manipulative, domineering band member,...without ever exploring what alternatives may have existed. In the chaos and shock that followed Jerry’s death, this family needed an adult to step forward and make some hard decisions. This book is Phil’s punishment for taking that role. Sorry, I've jumped the rails in what was a thread expressing appreciation for Robert Hunter. This Selvin book hit a nerve with me. The Dead, and Robert Hunter in particular, were always great at "keeping the inside, inside." In other words, do not air your dirty laundry for the world to see. We've seen very, very little of the Dead members sniping at each other publically over the years. This Selvin book was a disappointing exception to that record. It is a shame. RIP Hunter.
  10. UPDATE: I tested two products from ELAC: 1. Adante AS-61 (bass reflex design) 2. Debut C6-2 (front ported) Both fit the space fine and sounded great. The Debuts were higher impedance, so louder at same volume, But the Adante we much more resolving. I chose to go with the Adante. In order to angle the speakers downward, I installed a 1" board in the back of the cabinet to lift up rear of the speaker cabinet. I cut the top of this board to match the angle of and sit flush against the speaker cabinet. In order to hold the speaker in position, isolate it from the cabinet, and protect it from rubbing, three "Thin Fat Dots" from Herbie's Audio Lab will sit between this board and the back of the speaker. Two more will sit under the front corner of the speaker. To guard against the speaker sliding forward and falling out of the cabinet, I mounted Rubber Feet Bumpers Pads to the bottom of the cabinet in front of the speaker. My intention is that these will never directly contact the speaker, but are there as a bumper to prevent the speaker of sliding out in case vibration causes it to "walk." Last step will be the grills. I had a local cabinet maker create wooden frames that match the openings. Fabric is Guilford of Maine FR701 Fabric. I will glue into place with Speaker Cloth Repair Adhesive from Simply Speakers and hold these grills in place with Magnetic Latches I found on Amazon. These will be fed primarily by... Roon Nucleus+ > Bluesound Node 2i analog out > Crestron SWAMP Amp (140wpc) There are a few photos of the project below. Thanks all for the advice.
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