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  1. Hi Fabio, it's quite a common issue with the RPi3 since ethernet and USB shares bandwidth. You'd bypass that problem by going i2s->SPDIF through the Digione board.
  2. I don't really remember the number of the SMD cap the wires are connected to, but it should be easy to tell through the photo. Simply connect the positive and negative of the DC inlet to the respective poles on the cap, and you're done! If you're interested in adding the CLC filter like I did, here's a link to the "official" values recommended by cdsgames
  3. There's one (big) caveat that I forgot to mention about my USB Sig+Digione Sig setup. In Allo's stock configuration, the power for the "clean side" has to go through a Type-C extension cable that is connected to a DC socket at the back panel. I suspect this has a noticeable detrimental affect to power delivery, which *may* be the reason why Digione Sig owners don't notice a noticeable improvement, especially since the clean side is critical to its performance. So instead, I skipped the cable and Type-C connector, and went directly to the board. The addition
  4. Another happy USB Sig+Digione Sig user here. USB Sig is much better sounding than the RPi3.
  5. Sure, glad to share. The dCS native app Mosaic is quite easy to use. It's no Roon, but good enough. My Allo stack runs picoreplayer 6.0 beta endpoint, and separate hardware configured with LMS. I used Tidal on both for the purpose of comparison. I had to use an adapter on the dCS, as my DAC only accepts BNC SPDIF. I'd say the dCS is an excellent all-rounder. The unit never fails to impress regardless of music type. While my Allo stack is no slouch, it doesn't match the network bridge in terms of sense of scale and incredible detail when playing orchestral music. Lucki
  6. Sure. To be fair, I’m not saying the Allo transport is the dCS’s equal. The dCS is clearly hi-end through and through, and the performance is excellent. No questions there. Though in *my system*, Allo does one thing right, and that one thing matters a lot to me. When paired with my Sparkler S512, everything sounds tonally correct, even toe-tap inducing to my ears. Perhaps someone with a modern DAC with high sampling rate and/or DSD will be able to truly realize the network bridge’s full capabilities. As of now, I’m perfectly happy with my old school 16/4
  7. A good friend and dealer was kind enough to offer me a home audition of the dCS network bridge. I think it's an excellent device, but the money would be better spent elsewhere for upgrades. Just one man's opinion, but that's how incredible I think my slightly modified stack+Shanti sounds in my system.
  8. This is what the space actually looks like. Asymmetrical shape, *huge* glass windows, and double height ceiling. I love this living space. But back when we were renovating, I dreaded that the space would make my system unlistenable. ...yet it turned out fine. In fact more than fine. The little 7w Sparkler Ether somehow fills the entire space with great sound (barring torturous stuff like Mahler Symphony No.8 😉).
  9. Hi Matt, Thank you for the kind comments. I wish I had a listening room like that, my system is in an oddly shaped living space. I’ll upload more photos later and you’ll see what I mean I ordered a custom spdif version with BNC connector. I own a Digione Sig mounted on a Usbridge Sig, and I’d take WM8804 over PCM270x any day of the week. I asked Mr. Tsukahara the very same question, and he told me that in terms of SQ, the Ether is superior. I do wonder if my space and speakers can use a bit more power, and would like to try the Fluegel. The problem
  10. This is long overdue, but big thanks to Matt for bringing up the S512. The S512 deserves "D/A processor" or whatever name Sparkler Audio deems appropriate, for it is deserving of its own category! I've auditioned a number of DACs at different price points over the past few years, including the highly regarded dCS Bartok and T+A DAC8 DSD. The S512 sets itself apart in terms of tonal correctness and involvement. Yes, there are hi-end DACs that can pump out more details and soundstage, yet somehow with the S512, the sound (especially vocals) is so "real" to the point tha
  11. I've tried various supplies on the clean side of the Digione Sig, from iPower, "Studer900" LPS, and a Jung-type superreg LPS, to Shanti LPS. Each upgrade was a significant jump in terms of SQ, and the iPower doesn't come remotely close to the Shanti.
  12. suzywong's method is exactly what cdsgames from Allo recommended. However, I personally much prefer connecting each ground terminal to its own battery ground tweak. No idea why it works, but the tweak is cheap and the results are very obvious.
  13. And since Superdad runs the company making the LPS-1.2, you may want to heed his advice
  14. We have pretty different expectations. I’d be quite happy if my flatscreen lasts over five years.
  15. Direct quote from cdsgames: It should be clear that Allo is convinced that the ethernet connection impacts SQ, otherwise there's no reason for them to go through all that trouble.
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