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  1. Direct quote from cdsgames: It should be clear that Allo is convinced that the ethernet connection impacts SQ, otherwise there's no reason for them to go through all that trouble.
  2. Speaking of software, have you compared the Gentoo player to Picoreplayer? Thanks!
  3. It would work, but I don't recommend the iFi unless you already own one. SQ wise it's pretty disappointing, I much prefer a cheap "Studer900" LPS I got from eBay.
  4. Digione Sig is the HAT of choice in both instances. Switching to USBridge removes all the switching elements from the streamer!
  5. I went from a 3B+ to the USBridge Sig, and the SQ improvement is well worth it.
  6. Shanti offers great performance at a silly low price (in audio terms), I think it's worth buying. I didn't measure it, but standard banana plugs work fine!
  7. For fellow members who also own a USB Sig+Digione Sig combo, here are a couple mods that should be worth the effort. While I applaud Allo for making the USB Sig backwards compatible with the Digione Sig, the excessive amount of adapters really bothered me. So I decided to bypass the Type-C altogether on the clean side. Also implemented is a CLC filter as recommended by cdsgames, Oscons and a CMC. I really enjoy the improvement in liveliness and spatial information, though they were already very good in the first place 😁
  8. Yes. Though I personally add a split wire so both would go to my "battery ground tweak".
  9. I agree, like it a lot better than the regular RPi. Intend on performing some power mods on my Digione+Audiophile Pi stack, and I’ll report back later with impressions.
  10. It's an alias of the "USBridge Sig" used by those of us who didn't purchase it for the clean USB port https://www.allo.com/sparky/usbridge-signature-pcb.html
  11. Hi Matt, Thank you for the info. Looks like Sparkler made a nice workaround to make their DAC compatible with multiple types of inputs. It would probably work great with sources that have a high quality i2s output (can't say that about the RPi), take their S507 for instance. However, I'd much rather have the conversion unit built with proper power delivery and ample space inside the DAC compared to say, a small adapter on the digital cable. Maybe I'm too quick to judge, but I don't think this would be a sonic improvement in my setup with Digione Sig+Audiophile Pi.
  12. I actually appreciate Allo for doing their best to make the USBridge Sig backward compatible. Like you, I’m also puzzled as to why they picked Type-C for power in the first place.
  13. I plan on bypassing the Type-C altogether, and go direct from the good ol’ 5.5x2.1 to the digione sig clean input. I also plan on adding a CLC filter between the connector and PCB. This obviously voids warranty, but IMO a small price to pay for a good (potential) SQ increase.
  14. Sorry for sidetracking the discussion, but since you mentioned cmc, is there a part no. that you'd recommend for a CLC filter application? Plan on using one at the input of the Digione clean side.
  15. I meant to replace the Digione with Digione Sig in case you have the original. I replaced the RPi3 (not Digione Sig) with USBridge Sig.
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