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  1. Best way to describe it would be deeper soundstage, a little more clarity, but most of all more relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. Somehow comes across to me as somehow smoother and effortless with even less noise than the Innuos which was excellent.
  2. Thanks! You're right, I meant Zenith Mk3! I'll fix my post. šŸ˜„
  3. I moved from an Innuos Zenith Mk3 to a Signature Rendu SE (the latest one with all the upgrades and optical) and a separate server (DIY custom build) which is located in a different room. In my system the two approaches weren't even close. The Sonore approach is so much better in every way to my ears. I did love my Innuos, but the SSR SE is the best I've ever heard.
  4. I have some spares, I can do $25 each incl shipping if you're in the US. That was my approximately my cost.
  5. Yes, I do resort to manual scan 50% of the time currently, not a big deal IMO. Thanks for the replies - you guys saved me some $. šŸ˜„
  6. I have a pretty decent custom server (Optane, Pacer, all that good stuff) running as a Roon Core With Euphony. The OS etc is on the Optane drive and currently my music library is stored on my NAS which is connected to the same switch as the server. All of this is far away from my listening room which has a Sonore Signature Rendu SE connected via optical and a EtherRegen as the endpoint. My question is: would there be any benefit to moving my library from the NAS to an internal NVMe drive or something else? Thanks!
  7. Exactly, an opticalModule, or equivalent, is still usually necessary, that's where I was going.
  8. Add me to the single-mode fan club! I'm using a single-mode cable from the same manufacturer as Sonore use for their multi-mode cables and the Finisar modules. A clear uptick in SQ in my system - better separation, and a little more relaxed presentation. No downsides for me. Thanks to everyone recommending this approach.
  9. The opticalRendu is good but I don't think it has a built-in opticalModule or equivalent - don't you still need an opticalModule to convert to optical in order for the opticalRendu to work?
  10. Thanks, I know of this one but it's quiet over there so I was hoping there was another one with as much activity as here. šŸ˜„
  11. Where is the new Sonore forum?
  12. Thanks, that makes sense. Fortunately, it's cheap and easy to try different lengths.
  13. Another question: I've heard opinion that longer runs are better than shorter, any truth to this?
  14. Does anyone have a recommendation for a single mode cable? Thanks.
  15. Thanks @Superdad - that's very useful.
  16. Is 12V sufficient when the NUC has two internal SSD drives installed? Thanks,
  17. Where is the low current option?
  18. 1.4.4 is available today. http://www.innuos.com/en/go/release-1-4-4
  19. Upscale didn't say the difference between the U1 Mini + Sbooster and the U1 Mini alone was small - they said it was big. They said the difference between the U1 Mini + Sbooster and the U1 is not so big.
  20. I'm using my Innuos as a renderer, can't tell much difference in SQ between this config and having the Innuos as a server except more CPU power. The best SQ config for me was with the Innuos as a Roon Core in experimental mode.
  21. I have the same question. Currently have an Innuos Zenith 3 but tempted to try a streamer like a U1 or dCS NB. Did you prefer the dCS to the Innuos or were they about the same? It sounds like you liked the Aqua Line above all of them.
  22. I currently have a Zenith Mark 3 and it is superb but yet Iā€™m interested in hearing the Lumin. I have no affiliation but this link does compare them and mentions house sounds: https://www.tweekgeek.com/blog-tweek-geek-speek/auralic-lumin-innuos-overview-and-feature-comparison/
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