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  1. @Allo @ALLOsupport Just looking to get some feedback on the support request I posted here. Any assistance would be very helpful.
  2. Hi Allo Support (and anyone else willing to provide their experience). I'm at my wits end trying to figure out how to get my USbridge working again. I have a usbridge with volumio (patched a 2 weeks ago and working, until today) installed, using a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC. It was all working well except one problem - It was not outputting on the bottom USB port. It would only output on the Sparky USB port (of the 2 x USB 2.0 ports, the bottom one worked ok). Having looked at how others online had setup the device I am sure I do not have it setup optimally. In addition to getting the correct USB port working I also wanted to configure with a second power supply. So first step, I opened, removed the Jumper to allow multiply power supplies and started again. So far so good. It booted ok and I had access to Volumio URL. I plugged DAC into bottom USB port too. I tested a song from tidal with DAC in bottom port - a weird clicking noise was output. Restarted device and testing with and AudioQuest Red 1.0 Dac. Updated Volumio for the new output device and it shows in Volumio ok, Playback was the same as before, weird clicking. So rebooted again via volumio and switched output to HDMI audio output. Since then I lost access to Volumio URL. My plan was to remove the dac - switch to a generic output - start device and set Volumio to output to USB DAC, reboot again - then put the DAC back into the bottom board. Since switching to HDMI output I get nothing, no website will load - Have tried connecting directly to laptop with LAN switch and cable and still nothing. On my laptop I can do an ARP -a and see the device on my network with IP I Have tried plugging a HDMI cable to a monitor into the side with USB keyboard and mouse but no output. I can't seem to access volumio as the webservice does not seem to start. 1. How to restart the device for first boot config so I can get access to Volumio Website again. Or possible alternative fix 2. Which USB port should I be using to get the full fat sounds I expect with this device. 3. For both of the above questions can you point me toward supporting documentation that has the above info as I have been unable to source. Any help much appreciate. Kind Regards.
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