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  1. Thanks for the reply but I am looking for short 12"-18" long.
  2. In the never-ending attempt to have an organized loom of wires behind my audio equipment, a new question arises. How short can ethernet cables be and function properly? I have not seen what is generally considered audiophile cable manufactures that have short, say 12" cables. I do have .5 meter but still a bit to long. Do any of you use short cables or just do your best to organize? Thanks
  3. I am in need of a new Windows based server/computer to replace the current laptop that is under powered. All of my music resides on a Synology NAS or streamed from Qobuz. I tried SonicTransporter this weekend but being Linux based Roon and HQP are not comparable with my PlaybackDesigns equipment at this time. I know the new unit needs to have an Intel i9 processor and 8 cores. I am not sure how much memory it will need. Can I order a computer with only what I need in it? What operating system is needed. I hate the thought of another Windows product as they are always
  4. ST is back with Andrew and he will be working his magic on it. Hope to have it back soon.
  5. After a few days of help from members here I was able to workout a network path issue to my NAS installing my SonicTransport i5 and ultraRendu via Roon. This morning I tried a final suggestion of the pathway it worked. I then started to bring the library files into Roon. I was about 30% of the way through the process and I looked at the ST and it had turned off or so I thought. I tried to power it back on and nothing. I unplugged it and let it think about what it had done for 30 minutes. I plugged it back in and still nothing. It clearly appears to be dea
  6. Thanks Miska, that is a big jump to get to upsample 256. To anyone, out of curiosity, how high do most of you upsample to? Thanks Emailing with Andrew at this time, Ericuco.
  7. Thanks ericuco I will take a look at Small Green Computer. Thanks rando, I am looking to be able to handle PCM 384 and upsample PCM to DSD 256. The noise can be dealt with based on the location it will be in. As far as budget I have not set one. I need to find out what is available and decide from there. I am using a Synology DS1019+ >Ethernet> Net Gear switch> Ethernet> Laptop> USB> Playback Designs Stream-IF>Glass> Playback Designs MPS-5. From the MPS-5>Glass> Playback Designs Stream-IF> USB> Laptop>Ethernet> Synology t
  8. This is a screen shot of the current HP laptop that I was running JRiver and now Roon on. It is only an i3 processor so I'm not sure it would do much of anything. I won't know what settings I would use until I have it downloaded and running but I'm rather sure I will need a new piece of equipment. My DAC is capable of PCM 384 and DSD 256 so I would want a machine that would be capable of that. Can you tell me what I need to look for based on that. If you need more information from me please ask. I have looked through many threads with people
  9. Can any of you tell me if the requirements for Windows on the Signalyst home page are for the newest Version 4? I understand they need more powerful CPU to run them Is there a off the shelf laptop that has the power and ability to run it? Like some others here I am anything but a computer savvy person so a ready made or someplace that can offer a build dedicated for Roon, HQPlayer and Qobuz? My needs are for 384 PCM and DSD256 max. Even if I could find a clear list of the requirements that the laptop needs to have would allow me to find someone local to build it for me.
  10. I have read through all 49 pages with great interest but not always understanding many technical parts of the discussion. If this has been covered and I missed it, my apologies. Is there information about preorder and pricing anywhere that I have overlooked? Thanks Brad
  11. Thanks Soothsayerman. The reality is I am a crazy audiophile that wants to be sure when I down or stream hi-res music that I am not corrupting my file as it arrives. I don't know if there is a better unit for the conversion than the Actiontec unit I am using. It may be a speed or bandwidth or just quality of build I am trying to figure out. There may not be any real issue here just irrational thoughts. 🙂 As for the table you posted. I have no idea what it is telling me. Is there some place I can go to find a description of it. Thanks again, Brad
  12. I currently have an ActionTec coax to ethernet converter. It is cable to handle up to 250 mbps one direction and 175 mbps bi-directional. The internet speed on the dedicated laptop that controls my music system shows a speed of 99 mbps that I am quite happy with. My question is whether there are higher quality converters that may improve streaming and download sound quality? Thanks
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