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  1. I think this is not odd at all. As I have established last Sunday after listening to a random playlist created by Roon. ER is so revealing now that shows up the huge difference between good and average recordings which some may not have realised before. I actually went back to the same playlist again last night after @Bernstein asked me what tracks performed well and what not. I got the same result as Sunday afternoon. A couple points I would like to point out to everyone on this forum as well. We all need to respect others opinions because after all, each of us use different components, speakers, network setup and personal preferences in sound. I have to stress personal preference in sound because it is why we choose different brand of component we end up buying after demo. Lets not forget we also have different level of components too that may or may not be able to show enough of a difference. I would never say someone's finding is wrong or BS because we are all different! I am a bit annoyed by some people's strong oppositions to others opinions. UpTone is based in USA! Freedom of Speech! I do not like the feeling of police state here sometimes where you are only allowed to say 1 side of opinion. Btw, just to be clear, I love ER's improvements over my old switch and UpTone's work ethics. Second to none really. Any sound characters I described are all in relative terms. Hey, we are all audiophiles. Ordinary people would say that we are talking whole lots of c#$p! Second point I like to make is that we need to understand each of us consciously or subconsciously focus on different areas of the sound depends on their background or preferences or taste. For example, I am a dancer and used to play bass guitar as a teenager so I tend to focus on the timing and rhythmic part of the music. It is why I chose certain components and speakers as they are strong in that area. I do not care as much on soundstage, smoothness, details or neutrality etc... You may have used to comparing the SET performance etc.. The last point is your personal taste or preferred genre of music. Each component has its own signature of sound which "may" favour certain kind of music. How do we judge others when we just dont know enough of?
  2. Weird, right? I only mentioned these 2 because these 2 albums were my go to albums for test for years. Voices were a bit lifeless and bass and drums were mellow. I remember drums behind Norah was bouncier before ( even before ER arrived ). If Only by Arthur James was a bit splashy and not making sense. I quite like this album by Arthur and had good time with it before. But I do understand its a modern pop so the recording itself can be average. Night Like This by Hillary Duff, Momento Magico by Ulf Wakenius, Broken Glass by Rachel Platter, Crimson wedding by Ricky Ho ( a movie soundtrack ) and Tantobushi by Yoshida brothers ( Japanese strings ) were some of the good ones. Dynamic and full of life. Dont laugh at these songs, they were played randomly by Roon for a cruisy Sunday afternoon. I did not list everything Roon played because most others were average or skipped if bad. Not sure if you know these songs but I listen to all kind of different genres. I dont have any MP3 files so they are at least 16/44 WAV. No Tidal played yesterday.
  3. But I am still surprised why those records I loved sounded bad now? I thought they were quite good before. Maybe I should store the music files away from the NAS? Or maybe ER is showing me the upstream noise somewhere? Maybe the wireless router that NAS plugged in or the router noise? For example, even Tracy Chapman in WAV sounded dull now. And Norah Jones in 24/192 Flac sounded flat! Just shocked with the result still.
  4. Hi rickca; well, it is a praise but also a curse. I realized this revealing nature because I was searching for answers to why sometimes I don’t connect with some familiar music after update. I’m usually a music first audiophile. I buy musics that I like not because how good it sound. I buy Hi-Fi components so I can enjoy my music collections more. so now I can only enjoy the very well recorded 500 albums instead of 2000 albums for example. Although, I must say I will enjoy those 500 albums much more than before. Other 1500 albums? I’ll end up pushing skip next button.... so it can be a curse. I’m even more confident with this explanation now after comparing the sound to my much less capable system at 1/30th of the cost of my main system. It is much less revealing system but loves to boogie:-). I still enjoy my music very much there after the update. I could not hear any veil or much differences to v1 ( from memory ) because there was much less information being presented to me in the first place! my next project will be trying to find out why I felt the streaming video has less punch and less “pop” effect after update. I thought it was a part even more obviously affected by the update. I will report back if I find an answer there.
  5. @incus What a great review!! I was going to write some new revelation after a good Sunday afternoon session as well. My findings are similar to yours but not much on burn-in. What I did was chosen shuffle play in Roon. I realised some of my music become really unlistenable. Sometimes the singer or singers were almost behind a curtain quite a few steps back! Sounded muffled. Some tracks sounded so splashy on the top 😞 I just could not connect with those kind of sound where music made no sense. However, some recordings sound absolutely majestic!! Amazing. Singer was right in front of me in the room singing to me. This happened within 1hr of random listening! No wonder I had some good moments last week where I thought music connection was there but in some days it wasnt there. I suspect, as @Bernstein has suggested, ER has become even more revealing after the update caused my confusion about its music connections. I think what happened since the update was because any average sounding tracks really revealed their imperfections. I could not relate to them because they were poorly recorded. A veil was there in many tracks which I did not notice before. Some splashy top end just become so obvious. But ER has also showed me what good recording sounded like I never experienced before. Everything laid bare in front of me. I was so surprised to learn that I probably only have 3 out 10 recordings are good enough to be played through my main system. I could listen to most of my music before ER update because it had been rounded off by my components which is known to be more PRAT focus rather than being detailed or revealing. These are my latest thesis on why I thought music connection was lost ( but sometimes it was there ) purely because the true colour of each recording has been revealed by ER. We can only speculate on the causes though as we could not roll back to previous version for A/B test.
  6. @kennyb123 I also said this a few days ago.As you can see, I still think v2 is good. But I still would like to go back to v1 for a listen as I still think there is more emotional connection to v1. Like I said, I could be wrong with v2 but just like to double check. Cant get rid of memories of music enjoyment I had with v1. I think v2 is more balanced so the mid range is not as pronounced maybe? I am still searching for the answers
  7. @kennyb123 What are you accusing me of? You want to read my first impression above? I was the original tester of the firmware last weekend and I said many “ perhaps” including it could be myself ok? Maybe you confused me with some extreme comments? I have empathized many times that changes are minor but personally I prefer to go back to v1 to be certain about my findings. I still think it’s very minor differences but I would love to be able to go back to double check. I have always been careful and responsible with my comments. Just remember, we are talking in relative terms and v2 is still better than any switches I used. Just thought v1 is slightly better than v2 in areas that I focus on
  8. Well, that also apply to guys thinking v2 is definitely better though.... you also relied on memory... and like I said many times since day 1, I asked for v1 so I can go back to compare and make a definite judgement. How can you say for sure this and that is better when you didn’t A/B it? Very irresponsible too I reckon. I don’t rely on 1 listening session to say if there is emotional connection or not. I listen 1-2hrs everyday at different time of the day. I totally agree with what you saying about mood etc. but it’s not how I evaluate equipments.
  9. Well, if your friend has not heard the prior version then his opinion is totally irrelevant though. I have only been talking about minor differences. V2 is still very good in its own I reckon. Our own preferences and experiences are different. My wife and I are dancers and have been performing, competing at national level in the past. We always try to have good emotional connection to the music so we have better musicality. In short, we can be very sensitive to emotional changes than some people from years of training. The way I run listening test is how a change in gears or cables affect my connection to the music I am listening. Never much about soundstage, tone or any of these hifi terms. Maybe good timing and rhythm give us that connection? Maybe.
  10. @One and a half Thank you and I thought it would be difficult to compare too. Maybe I will just start test upstream effects to the ER soon. If upstream change make no difference to ER outputs on either A or B side then I guess JCAT Net card is unnecessary 🙂
  11. I never claim true to the source! How do you ever know if something is true unless you were actually “ the source “. I’m only talking in relative terms comparing to original version. Well, maybe you made a good point here because I don’t like analytical sound. Is that why I enjoy less than before? I am still searching for answers. I never tell people here not to go for an ER here! By all means, steal one if you can find it, v1 or v2. It is really special. I just personally enjoy v1 slightly more. That’s it. That is true because it’s very personal and you can’t rely on measurements. Just use another car analogy. I have 2 fast cars. One is German and another is Italian. German car is precise and faster on track. However, it’s a little soulless achieving that faster track time and it doesn’t give me good feedback through steering wheel etc. I like it but not in love with it. The Italian is slower on track and a bit flawed. But I love every sec driving it. Good driver connection and full of emotions. Some prefer the fastest car but some just like to have a good time doing it. I’m not talking about ER. I’m talking about your point above.
  12. I already have the new firmware for a week. The first impression from the first note was very positive. I could not find any faults. Then after 2hrs of listening, I thought there was something missing. I wasnt tapping my toes and just could not connect with my music for some reason. Seriously, I still do not understand why the new sound could not give me goose bumps like the original. I am still searching for answers. Is it my imagination or honeymoon ending? Is it because it was too smooth? I just dont know without going back to original firmware. I usually dont do A/B comparison if things are very obvious. But I just cant pin point what caused this feeling. If I put my critical listening hat on, everything seems to be better. Darker background. More details etc... But I just dont connect with the music as well as the original either listen seriously or casually 😞
  13. Dear One and a half, I would love to know how JCAT Net Femto card alone compared to ER alone. Maybe not possible in your case as its already in the PC? I am thinking about building a fanless server with JCAT Net card and HDPLEX PSU. I am wondering if the JCAT card is unnecessary if I have an ER before my end point. I am looking forward to your listening impression and comparison if you have an ER already.
  14. Hi John, thanks so much for clarifying the details and backgrounds of this update. I think SQ improvements are very subjective. May I ask what kind of sound you prefer? The reason for asking is that you may think smoothness is an improvement but I may not because I like get up and go kind of sound for example. Some people may prefer a brighter sound but I prefer a darker sound so any change towards the top end can end up with totally different conclusion due to different preferences. I think some of us having different opinions of the change is not strange at all and we have no idea why we hear changes, just like you I guess. Since SQ change was totally unintended, I wonder why we get criticised for having different opinions on the outcome? We are just giving you guys our feedbacks and I dont think anyone has some kind of secret agenda here.
  15. I think most of us for or against the update all exaggerated the scale of changes. I do not think it’s “huge” difference but I feel the update sounded slightly different. Definitely hear what they improved it but I missed the engaging sound of the original which “ maybe “ imagined because it was such a big improvement over my Netgear switch at the time. But somehow I don’t connect with my music as much as with original ER. I just wish I can roll back to original to have a listen again to be certain, that’s all.
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