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  1. Just for those who need clarity with reference to the Allo Shanti Linear power supply connection to the Katana DAC. it has been confirmed by Allo (who manufacture the Shanti and of course the Katana DAC) that the connection protocol is as follows. 3.5A outlet / connect to the Digital Board 1.2A outlet / connect to the Isolator Board or directly to the Pi (if the Isolator is not installed).
  2. This might appear to be a Dim question to ask, but can anybody advise what Amperage rating connection to use from the Allo Shanti to the Katana? i.e. Do I use the 3.5A connection to the Digi-Board and the 1A convection to the Isolator / Pi ? or is it the other way round? if anybody can help, it would be much appreciated. Note:::::: I am currently using 2 x IFI Power supplies rated at 2.5A, so it doesn’t matter (until the Shanti gets delivered). I just a bit confused about the Shanti current ratings!
  3. Not difficult at all.✅ Just go to Allo.com site, look for support “contact us”. There is an online contact form. Just fill in your fault problems with as much detail as possible and you will contacted back by email. Once contacted by Allo, you will need your original order number and purchase date. To be honest, it doesn’t matter where you live, the guarantee is Worldwide.
  4. Hi qtippy, there very unusual readings connected and disconnected, however the overheating confirms to me that the fault lies with the 15v rail. I have contacted Allo support and they have confirmed the same and will replace the MCU Board free of charge. Thinking back to when my MCU failed, it was the night of the recent lightning storms and I do leave my Katana powered 24/7. This of course may not be the cause but it does seem a logical answer.(Perhaps the board is susceptible to Static Electricity) Allo have been very supportive, so depending how long you
  5. Hope someone can Help. i received my Allo Katana 1.2 with Isolator some months ago and all has been fine until now. I am powering it with 2 PSU, one to the micro controller and the other to the Isolator as per the manual. I noticed that the micro controller board and the op amp boards were starting to get very hot after about 10-15mins everytime the Katana was booted up, (Too hot to even touch) additionally there is no sound even from first boot up. I have tested the RPI3+ with anther DAC (Allo Boss) and this works fine .The Volumio web interface i
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