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  1. "On the networking side, this includes switches, routers, and even Ethernet cables, which I admit I found very disconcerting. I did my own experiments using OS monitoring tools to look for errors, re-transmissions, or any other indications of functional misbehavior, and found none. All I could conclude was that we were hearing some orthogonal phenomenon - unrelated to the actual digital function of the device - which was not yet understood." Look at the electrical characteristics instead. If you're not seeing any significant changes there, above the audible threshold of such phenomena, the
  2. Ahh, no! The flaws present in the DAC are well within the audible range of human hearing. Now they may not sound particularly harsh due to masking, but they'll definitely influence what one hears. Everyone over at ASR isn't an experienced audio scientist or engineer. What's up with the quotes around certain words? If you're trying to make some sort of point with them, I fail to see what it is, and it comes across as a bit juvenile quite frankly. If you're trying to inform us that you're a "subjectivist", I already figured that one out for myself. The lack of understanding in regards engine
  3. "If someone claims that he or she can hear differences between “properly designed” DACs, two questions inevitably, and quickly, follow: Was the listening level matched? Was the listening blind? If the answers to both questions are “yes,”..." Of course they would have heard a difference in the devices. The reason? Massdrop Airist R2R DAC is spraying harmonic distortion all over the place. As a matter of fact, you could have hardly picked a poorer example to make your point!
  4. I didn't start my debate with an ad hominem attack. So, it seems that my ego isn't as dysfunctional as yours... 🖕🏾
  5. A performance analysis with a lab grade audio analyzer showing actual differences in output, or it only happened in your brain. That'll be the only evidence anyone with a extensive science and engineering background will ever accept. Our senses are too unreliable, too easily fooled by our emotion states and perceptions, to be accepted as valid evidence. So, yes... my mind is closed to opinions and anecdotal "evidence"... 👨🏾‍⚕️
  6. Since it's a streamers role to deliver content bit perfectly, they should all sound the same, and if this one fails at such a task, then it's broken... 🤣
  7. Emby probably does. However, it'll require the paid version in order to enable remote streaming from it, but one could always test aiff prior to purchase via local network streaming first to verify. https://emby.media/about.html
  8. It's mentioned in the manual for it's for storage devices, and to not connect a computer to it. As for why they didn't choose to allow computer input is beyond me, since it would have been rather simple to route the input to the DAC via some inexpensive USB Controller within the amp...
  9. That input is for USB storage devices only, though... 😉 As for headphones, most smart devices are more than adequate for driving those these days when using the MusicCast app on them.
  10. Yeah, the lack of a headphone jack, and USB input from a computer, I found a bit odd as well. However, as you say, there are work-arounds: analog input from a computer (provided it's clean enough) or even a USB to Optical converter, and I see Yamaha has a Windows version of the MusicCast application, would solve the direct connection to PC issue. I'm glad you enjoyed my input on the topic...
  11. I can and have put together a verified nice system - verified as its had a performance analysis run on nearly all the components and they all perform well - for under a $1,000USD. Just add an inexpensive computer, with storage and WiFi, and away you go... Yamaha WXA-50 for <$500USD: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-yamaha-wxa-50-streaming-amp.7964/ Infinity Reference 162's, which can frequently found on sale for ~$250USD: https://www.harmanaudio.com/R162BK.html Infinity Reference SUB R10, which is frequently on sale for <$
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