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  1. Kiitos paljon! (Mina puhun Suomea vahan) Vahan!
  2. Charley was not in contact with BS or MQA. No way. When Pono was announced on KickStarter it was going to use this new and fantastic file format. It was not delivered on time and so the Pono team had to find an alternative. Several potentials were lined up and, as I understand it, Neil blind listened to them and went something like “nah”, then “maybe” as he went along the line. Then listened unknowingly to the Ayre system and just said “make it sound like this”, or similar. I watched Neil do the same with the very high end Sennheiser headphones. He really listens. Neil visit
  3. Hi Phil Great to hear from you here. And to see Neil continuing his efforts with integrity. The irony of Pono and the failure to deliver the intended initial file format for it, by what would become MQA, is not lost in all of this. That Neil chose Ayre and Charley H as the eventual designer of much of the internals for the PonoPlayer led to the meetings and dialogues between Neil and Charley, online and face to face, that very early on accurately saw through MQA - technically and commercially and exposed their overall strategy. This ain't over... ian
  4. Charley Hansen was adamant about the significance of frequencies well past 20KHz in music and had a table of instruments that produced such frequencies. Will see if I can find the references. One of the implications is the generation of beat frequencies when two or more frequencies interact. The emergent property of the interaction of frequencies outside of our hearing range can be frequencies inside of our hearing range.
  5. Toyah is a force to be reckoned with. Fripp spent many years trying, and succeeding as I understand it, to (re)gain control of King Crimson rights. Am not sure of his position on MQA. Given Neil Young’s stance, which itself came from / was informed by dialogue with Charley Hansen, having significant musicians onside could really help. Fripp is a most interesting fellow with deep background in many areas. There’s a reason the King Crimson album was called Discipline.
  6. Hmmmm.... think a chat with Fripp is in order about this.
  7. Well well well... If this is TLDR, no problem… Have been watching this unfold and comparing it with the known patterns of how successful innovations tend to diffuse and eventually become infrastructure – in a category. For MQA, that category is streaming and replay systems and music distribution. In which there are many players. MQA has been following such a strategy since its early days and doing it quite well. Apart from the inadequate nature and content of the arguments put forward that should really have appealed to, and convinced, the early adopters / visionaries
  8. Really? Looks like a great opportunity to hear about how wonderful MQA is from a really insightful, technically well informed and objective publication, conducted by an interviewer who is authoritative in the field. What's not to like?
  9. Good news. I had my first one a few weeks ago. Got some serious COVID symptoms after it but it seems that if you have had COVID the side effects are much worse after the vaccination. Was not nice to have them back again, but they passed.
  10. Hi all There is a very asymmetric thing going on here. On the MQA side there is money, organisation, communications expertise, strategy expertise, vested interests and relationships, press reliant on advertising revenues, the labels, (some) hardware manufacturers, and and and... I don't know quite how to evaluate the financial size and agency of all of that combined. But it is a lot more than the other side of the asymmetry... Which seems to me to be a much smaller group of technically very well informed indiviudals who can address and disprove the claims by MQA, point by point. An
  11. The PS audio video... If credibility is important then knowing the A is for Authenticated not Assured would seem to be important. And that Qobuz do not use MQA - as far as I know. Had the "customers want it" dialogue with Charley H and Neil - there was no budging from Charley's well informed position and Neil has maintained that integrity ever since. That kind of thing is what we need. Maybe there is energy there? As for a Youtube video... the only video work I have done is for basic animations for use in consulting assigments. Nothing fancy, not slick, but OK. I have w
  12. @DuckToller I agree in principle to your perspective, am not sure if Hypernormalisation is a familiar term here, but it describes it pretty well. That, combined with innovation adoption strategy savvy unpicks the approach MQA has and is taking. Yes there are multiple stakeholders in all of this, fully agree. Darko's point that the pro and anti MQA constituents have work to do is key here for me. WE have work to do.
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