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  1. Hi, thanks for the direction. I swapped plugs, power supplies leads etc, and now it works! Maybe I hadn't plugged something in properly - helps to know what you're looking for. Sounds great too! Excellent. Thanks again for the super prompt service. Order 5218 in New Zealand. Fast delivery too btw. 🐵 Murray
  2. Hi, Tonight I received my new Digione Signature. Despite zero documentation, I figured out how to connect it up from the web. I've connected it into my system and it the RPi appears on the network. I've set up Roon to recognise it and connected it as the target audio zone. So far so good. When I play a track though, there is no sound or any indication that the track is actually playing. The moving bar icon beside the track in Roon music list (using the windows interface) moves up and down, but there is no sign of the track playing on the progress bar across the bottom of the screen. After maybe 15s of this, it skips to the next track. The same thing happens. There is no audio output during this time. The tracks are just normal 44.1 flac tracks. From the Roon pointer to the Manual - https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/Mc5KZHBLTew8wyNm1mGV6fKMU1SUEkoTMtz6vrYMSQl/f8Y52mr6SWOXz636_vvdtg?_encoding=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0&mgh=1 I discovered the manual. I followed this to the Allo web Gui and everything appears to be set up correctly and apparently working. Have I perhaps missed a setting or something? An led is showing on the Digione board when the output power supply is connected, so it doesn't appear to be a lack of supply. I plugged the supplies in the correct sequence. Roon works fine with my other brand network bridge. Any suggestions please? thanks Murray
  3. Thanks Rickca. Hadn't spotted that interesting thread.
  4. Hi, hopefully I'm not covering old ground but I admit I didn't read all 33 pages :o) I have a NWB, and am streaming to it by UPnP from the Qobuz desktop app. Sound is great, but if I play an album it stalls after each track. When I click on the next track, it starts but plays to the computer, rather than to the UPnP output (NWB). If I jump to the next track while still playing, it will jump ok. I have the UPnP point specified as my preferred output. Any Ideas how to fix this? The Qobuz app does note this as Beta, so I guess it is something that will be overcome. The sound is remarkably good - equal to Roon I think. The app is also pretty intuitive and is the first app I've come across that might entice me away from my own files.......
  5. Chris, I guess there are a number here who would like to understand relative strengths of the Linn vs your TAD etc set up? The TADs are hugely resolving but unforgiving speakers that absolutely demand perfection in my experience. A textile dome vs beryllium is sort of night and day I guess (I've gone to SS-AR1 textile dome from CR1s). But how about the benefits or otherwise of phase coherence vs not? Bass extension? Slam? On a similar subject, any thoughts to trial the AG Zero 1's - a very similar concept completely differently implemented - the 12" woofer might add something there. Looking forward to hearing about Devialet/SAM on the CR1s too! Great days to be in audio! Great site! Murray
  6. Love them both - Jriver's brilliant interface and (here at least) Jplay's noticeably improved sound. A little history - only 2 years ago it was hard to even get any media player to play reliably - now we take it for granted. So I don't get hung up about imperfections in new leading edge products (Jplay) - usually they just go, sometimes they don't - eventually they do ...yawn..... Umm ...noooo... in reply to an earlier comment ....nooo....I don't think Jplay have the resources of IBM....... ) Recently I've actually moved to streaming - feels like I've gone back 2 years - runs - most of the time - except when it doesn't......or waon't talk or goes to another dimesnion (presumably - I can't find it....)(neither of the above two players btw). Leading edge again... got a new driver release ....hey, surprise, it's a lot better..... not perfect but... I've found Jplay integrates seemlessly and as promised with Jriver here (but ,yes, you do have to read the - sometimes obscure - instructions......). With my dCS kit and HP laptop server, Jplay provides a livelier sound. A friend picked it immediately ("what did you change?") and was so taken he's working toward using Jplay too now. Maybe witha full on music server I'd no thave noticed anything? Maybe with a different dac....??? Since the above, I'm trying a Devialet D-premier - for whatever reason I find it much less sensitive to media players and even inputs (streaming/AES-EBU/Spdif). Well - that's as it should be of course..... maybe they just go it right at last - it sure has big buffers - a second or more of music at times. My theory, for what little it is worth, is that the differences are all to do with how each piece of hardware handles the electrical interfaces. I suspect grounding has more to do with it than jitter in the data stream (jitter has no meaning with asynch data anyway). So some here will find improvements with some kit, and some with other kit won't - depending on kit and set up. No need to argue about it though. I've been running Jplay for a year or more now and find the the Jplay guys are honest and helpful and doing their best to offer a cool plugin - I was more than happy with the price (compare it to lesser improvement with a cable that has even less explanation as to why it should make any difference!). BTW, Matt at JRiver was just as helpful a couple of years ago as I struggled to get early wasapi versions working here.... Just another view and thumbs up to both Companies. I much appreciate the great products from each of you!
  7. Thanks fernec - I'm looking forward to it. And even more to be able to run a room correction convolver in there one day ......I hope )
  8. I bought a D-Premier for slightly different reasons to WS. I've spent rather too much time trying to optimise a fairly complex audio set up - and yet always there's another cable, or tweak or maybe I should add a preamp after all..... For me the D-Premier provides an option for simplification - lots of "stuff" becomes one box (with a wonderful remote). Oh, and I can connect my tt again..... Like WS I've compared the D-Premier to my dCS / Burmester kit. My gear isn't quite as far up the food chain as WS's and I found less difference - in fact pluses and minuses. I guess that has to be balanced with the fact that my present set up probably is far from optimised despite lots of effort (which is sort of the point.....). Jeff Dorgay at Tone Audio compared similar gear in his review of the D-Premier and found his gear to be bit ahead. Having said this the D-Premier is vastly cheaper than my current set up. The D-Premier provides a very uncoloured presentation, quite able to preserve acoustic space and detail. With the attraction of moving to 1 box vs 5, and a zillion cables, the D-Premier is an attractive solution for me. I found the same with the streaming as WS - streaming did better than even feeding the AES input from my dCS gear. And as WS says, there are things yet missing. For instance, currently I use Acourate for room correction and have used this with the Pristinespace convolver, in JRiver. I have to use an asymmetric room and it benefits from correction and balance adjustment - neither seem possible with streaming at present - the current D-Premier 16 bit streaming limit leads to too much signal compromise after correction using batch corrected files. In fact, strangely, for such a configurable machine, there is not even a balance control. I found a fairly low cost Chinese power cord to do rather better than the stock pc so better may well do better again. So I'm still learning, but it is certainly an impressive piece of kit. Price is always relative, but don't forget to subtract all that it eliminates (amp, preamp, music server just lives on you home pc, lots of cables), and maybe substantially increase waf factor if that is an issue.
  9. Hi Chris,<br /> <br /> somewhere I thought I heard you were reviewing the TAD C2000 DAC Preamplifier. A very interesting device it seems. Is this coming or did I get it wrong?<br /> <br /> I was told a few months ago that TAD were hoping to release some new products at CES. I'm sure you'll be catching up with these guys so look forward to hearing more.<br /> <br /> thanks<br /> <br /> murray
  10. Thanks Josef, I suspected as much. Pre-converting the library is possible with eg dBpoweramp - takes a day or three ....at least it is nice to see a computer processor doing some work for a change ;o) I think it is even possible to direct JRiver to two different libraries too. Anyway, I'll try a few tracks as you suggest.
  11. Installed and working fine thanks! Cleaner, clearer and more controlled bass than JRiver in my set up. Sounds great! Now....... what are the chances of (optionally) including the dsp functions with JPLay/JRiver. Some of us need sound adjusted for our rooms like it or not...... The DSP studio seems to be disabled or bypassed - at least unresponsive. thanks Murray
  12. Thanks Dennis - I don't know if that is good or bad news ) If there was the faintest idea why these players should sound so different, it would be really useful. Both are supposedly putting out the same bit perfect data, and, in many systems, it is transferred asynchronously anyway, so why on earth/how should one sound different to another??? When I started on the hobby no one explained to me goal of "suspension of disbelief" was supposed to apply to the hardware and software as well as the performance ;O) Thanks again for sharing your experience Dennis. Murray
  13. Fair enough. I guess for those of us outside the USA we maybe don't get such good rates and longer deliveries by the time we land cds from Amazon. What is missing from Amazon as far as I know (??) is the ability to download cds in 16/44 quality. Rather than wait a couple of weeks for a snail mail delivery with Qobuz I can download immediately. I'm not aware of any other site offering mainstream cds for download in cd quality? I'm happy enough to pay a little more for this on-demand service. Streaming in theory annuls the need to do this and you can listen to whatever new releases turn up. But I guess it isn't cheap either.
  14. Hi, there's a a topic in discussion that's a little hidden over on the Audiophile Downloads forum that I think deserves some wider exposure http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Qobuz-streaming-service#comment-108262 Qobuz have set up a streaming CD quality service. Saying you no longer need your cd library any more may over state this but I'll bet you can find lots of music here that you never got around to purchasing or even knew about. To me this is a "stunning bolt from the blue". It throws into question the whole collecting question. I'll look forward to others' views - maybe I'm overstating the importance of this to us, but I can't see that I can be, to be honest. Chris - it might be an interesting topic for you to produce an article on. Particularly since the guys are quite clearly audiophile oriented.
  15. Qobuz! Very Serious! This really deserves attention. So Qobuz are now streaming digital cd quality on demand. You download a fairly simple but perfectly adequate player and if you can work Itunes or JRiver or equiv - off you go. I think this is really a game changer. I guess streaming of CD quality was inevitable but it still took me by surprise that it is here, now! Files are readily streamed in real time and Qobuz' catalogue is truly vast. Do I now sign up for a few $$ a month or continue collecting hundreds of cds (costing more than a few $$ a month)? Why collect? Apart from owning my own collection (now all on hard disk anyway) - why bother??? As it happens I've purchased the majority of my music via Qobuz over the last year (including quite a bit of high res.). So yesterday I signed up for the free 24 hour trial - almost any cd I could think of and a lot I didn't know about was there...... Fairport Convention - 39 albums with FP tracks - instantly had access to albums I'd never got around to buying over the years. Brian Eno - 150 albums - good heavens, there's no way I can include even a fraction of his work in my "collection". OK so apart from the Candy Shop thing, I've already found albums and versions I never knew existed - and have bought a couple (ok my gathering instinct probably isn't going to abate any time soon actually). Wondered why the version of the "Greatest Hits" isn't quite what you remembered - try the original ..."oh, they mucked with it......". Seriously afaik, this is the first real, album oriented, audiophile acknowledging (no not a pure audiophile site but recognising we exist and recognising the market - and the better for it)operating with this quality and service. I don't know that you can use Asio or Wasapi with it yet, but knowing Qobuz, this will just be a matter of time. One final note - I'm none to sure that it is available directly outside France - you may need to admit to a French address...... not sure on that detail. No - I'm no shill - in NZ actually and the French bombed a ship in our harbour not that long ago, so no love lost - but we beat them at the rugby :0)
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