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  1. So prior to HQP player, you were able to upsample 44.1K to DSD512 to your DAC? Yes/No? I had the same dead playbar issue with Roon when I first tried setting it up as "localhost" in Roon. As mentioned previously, have you tried inputting the PC's IP address instead of "localhost". Do you know where to find the PC's IPaddress? That solved my issue. Have you tried that? Yes/No?
  2. I would post your question in the Sonore forum and ask why they think your Rendu keeps switching on it's own back and forth to Roon Ready versus HQplayer NAA. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/forum/24-sonore-sponsored/ And yes, when you use the "App Switcher" and toggle it to HQPlayer NAA, the Rendu will no longer show up as an endpoint in Roon. That's exactly how it's supposed to work. Toggle it back to "Roon Ready", UltraRendu will show up as an endpoint in Roon
  3. Log into www.sonicorbiter.com and click on the app switcher app and change from Roon ready to HQPlayer NAA but first try to get Roon to upsample to dsd128 or 256 to your DAC first and see what happens
  4. Also.... try to just use Roon to upsample first instead of HQPlayer. Can you get to Roon upsample To Dsd128/256/512 and out put to your DAC?
  5. try something lower that DSD512. Your PC may not me up to the processing power needs. Try DSD128 first. I ended up buying a new Mac Mini M1 to upsample to DSD512, my i5 couldn't do it. Also try a lesser filter above the one you are using. Delete the two HQplayer zones and start over.... you should only have one
  6. Also, if you are trying to output to DSD256 or higher, I had to enable native DSD on the UltraRendu under Roon Settings in Sonicorbiter in order it to play. When "DoP" is selected on the Rendu, I think your limited to DSD128 as the max output if I recall. The settings above let me output to DSD512. What are the specs on your PC?
  7. You have SDM slected.....does you DAC handle DSD formats? When you log into www.sonicorbiter.com and click on App Switcher for the URendu, is HQplayer NAA selected instead of RoonReady? As mentioned, Backend should be set to none. I am new to HQplayer as well and have the exact same setup as you. I had some struggles getting it up and running myself. Might want to post in the HQplayer thread to get it sorted out. When I created the HQ Player zone in Roon, I used my Ipad to create it instead of the PC where HQplayer Desktop resides. I used the IP address of t
  8. fmzip

    HQ Player

    YEP! Did that as soon as I noticed the IP change
  9. That one from YFS is super expensive! If you are comfortable as a DIY I saw a similar one that I might try: Teradak Power Supply 2018-2020 Mac Mini Teradak Power Supply 2010-2018 M1 Here's a teardown video:
  10. fmzip

    HQ Player

    Disregard.......PC IP had changed!
  11. fmzip

    HQ Player

    Just bought my HQplayer Desktop key license....everything was working fine prior to installing the key. I didn't change a thing in settings: Apple m1 HQplayer desktop to UltraRendu > HQPlayer NAA> in Roon. Now when I try to play a song in Roon it says "starting playback on your audio devices, this may take awhile" and nothings plays at all. Rebooted PC, Restarted both Roon and Hqplayer, nothing happening What do I need to do? All other Roon zones play fine
  12. Time Left: 24 days and 14 hours

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    SGC 12V 50W LINEAR POWER SUPPLY Unit is in mint condition and works perfectly. Nice, clean power! Barely any use, purchased a few months ago. Purchased an Apple M1 mini, no longer need this unit. Price is $235 Shipped

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  13. View Classified SGC 12V 50W LINEAR POWER SUPPLY SGC 12V 50W LINEAR POWER SUPPLY Unit is in mint condition and works perfectly. Nice, clean power! Barely any use, purchased a few months ago. Purchased an Apple M1 mini, no longer need this unit. Price is $235 Shipped Seller fmzip Date 02/19/21 Price 235.00 USD Category Power Supplies / Power Products
  14. View Classified Sonore UltraDigital Sonore UltraDigital, works great in good condition. Recently upgraded to a Singxer SU2 hence the reason for the sale https://www.sonore.us/ultraDigital.html $275 Shipped Seller fmzip Date 02/17/21 Price 275.00 USD Category Digital to Digital Converters  
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