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  1. Voxativ Absolut Alberich system - Dual Subs + HE Speakers + Super integrated

    Nearly brand new (received in February), this system took 3 months to manufacture (ordered in December). Not even broken in.




    Voxativ's legendary Hagen speakers got the 9.87 treatment with a pair of super fast subwoofers powered by 500w amplifiers each. Their Absolut super integrated amplifier incorporates a streamer, world class DAC, DSP (running at 24/196) and a 50 wpc class A/B amplifier in one beautifully designed box; the DSP matched perfectly to the Hagen/Alberich drivers. 


    The resulting music is pure magic, leading them to win a few awards here and there. And tinkerers need not worry. The system keeps paying back as you experiment with speaker input vs. line; ethernet vs. wireless; isolating feet, other DACs, amplifiers, etc. The Piano Black looks gorgeous as well.


    Sadly for me, in the time it took the system to manufacture, I moved to an apartment with a much, much smaller living/listening room and the Alberich system is beyond overkill. Time to find a loving home for the system and build out a headphone rig!


    Asking price includes:


    • 2x Hagen Monitors
    • 2x Alberich Bass Modules


    • 1x Absolut Amplifier Box
    • 1x Remote Control


    • 3x Power Cables (Basic)
    • 1x Pair of 12 ft Black Series RCA interconnects (from Absolut to Alberich)


    • 8x Spikes between Hagen and Alberich
    • 1x User Manual
    • 1x Microfiber Cloth

    --- MSRP was $19,799 + $450 shipping to the US ---


    Asking $15,250, at which I will cover shipping for all 3 boxes within the continental US. Thanks!

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      15,250.00 USD
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  2. I got the Absolut Alberich system. The idea of dual subs have always been appealing to me, and it doesn’t get better than them being designed into speakers as stands! 


    It was really difficult to decide between powering the stack with the HMS/TT2/NUC and their Absolut box, but ultimately concluded that their DSP would help extract the most performance from the speaker set. I’m a big believer in “synergy”.

  3. I can help answer this! There is a lot of discussion on AS as well as head-fi on direct-driving speakers via the TT2. So I tried it with a friend’s spare Avalon Acoustics IDEA speakers and was really quite taken by the transparency. So after seeing @ray-dude’s shootout over at head-fi, I decided to custom order a pair of Super Alnico Monitors. When they arrived, the setup sounded so ridiculously good that I downsized my entire system into an HMS and TT2 fed using Farad power supplies. 


    Be prepared to hear something unique. If you’ve never heard a point source system, you’re in for a treat like I was. It’s really hard to describe phase coherency. The SAMs sound incredibly natural. You’ll need to spend 30 mins or so tweaking positioning, but once you have them dialed in, you won’t particularly miss a subwoofer. (Edit: of course, within reason. Omega claims 40 Hz and I felt no reason to doubt that).


    In fact, I enjoyed the single-driver approach so much that I ordered a Voxativ system. I had taken down the listing for my SAMs a couple of days after listing it last month, but have just re-opened my post today. @Rex95, if you’re interested, the listing is here. I will be posting it in the classifieds on AS soon.

  4. Chord Hugo TT2, M Scaler, Farad Super 3 PSUs, Silver Dragon BNC

    Well over a decade of this hobby and this Chord setup remains my favorite gear till date. I'm consolidating to a Voxativ system and would like to find a new home for this setup.


    1) Chord Hugo TT2 (Black)

    Purchased new from The Music Room in April of this year. Includes original packaging as new. 


    +$350 for 15v Farad Super3 


    2) Chord Hugo M Scaler (Black)

    Includes remote and stock PSU + power cable


    + $350 for 15v Farad Super3


    3) Moon Audio Silver Dragon BNC Cables (Pair)

    3ft w/ Furutech BNC connectors on both ends. Includes 5x ferrites on each cable.

    $400. Free if you purchase the above 4.


    All prices include shipping in the US. 



  5. REL Acoustics - Carbon Limited (#177) Subwoofer

    Selling my near-new REL Acoustics Carbon Limited subwoofer. This is #177 of what is a very limited run, purchased local earlier in 2020 (box has never been shipped, and an additional outer box is included).


    REL makes some of the fastest subs on the planet. The "Limited" series are John Hunter's pet projects bringing the performance of their flagship 12" subwoofers (in this case, the G1 Mk2) into a more compact cabinet. It maintains the same driver, paint and amplification technology as the flagship. Carbon Fiber active driver (4" travel), Class A/B amplification, alloy passive radiator from 212/SE. 


    TONE Magazine calls it "Practically Perfect and presents it the Exceptional Value award.




    Includes everything as purchasing new from the factory: subwoofer in mint condition, grille, unused power cord, unused signal cable, spikes, manuals, original box, extra outer box, packaging, etc.. I'll include 4 discs to protect your floor. 


    Asking $2500. Local SF Bay sale preferred, but will consider shipping in the US or Canada. 

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      2,500.00 USD
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  6. Isotek Aquarius EVO3

    Selling my Isotek Aquarius power conditioner that sports 6 outlets (two of which are high current). It was used to power 6 Farad Super3s that powered my Chord streaming setup (TT2, HMS, NUC, NAS, EtherRegen, ISO Regen).  Fantastic value.



    Asking $1250 shipped in the US, including PayPal.


  7. SO-DIMM Memory + M.2 Optane modules for your NUC builds

    Clearing out some inventory I accumulated during streamer/renderer and other builds. All prices are including PP fees. Flat $5 shipping per purchase.

    2x 2GB Non-ECC DDR4 SODIMM by Apacer (P/N 78.A2GF7.4000B) - $15 ea

    1x 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 2400 - $20

    1x 32GB Optane M.2 drives by Intel - $40 ea


  8. Farad Super3 Power Supply - 19v

    I have a 19v Farad Super3 for sale. Power cable is 5.5mm OD / 2.5mm ID.


    $420 including PayPal and Shipping in the US each.  


    I have 4 Farad Super3s that have freed up during a recent change in the system - two 19v and two 7v. One of the cables has a 2.1mm ID barrel. 


    Both 7v Farads have been sold. 

    2.1mm barrel cable has been claimed.

    One 19v has been sold.


  9. Allo DigiOne Signature Player w/ USBridge Sig Faceplate

    Allo has managed to improve one of the best values in streaming, the DigiOne, with their Signature version. An additional galvanic isolation PCB was added. The DigiOne Signature sits atop a Raspberry Pi 3 (that I’m including in the listing), powered by a Micro SD card preloaded with Volumio, though you can install an OS of your choice. 


    Includes a USBridge Signature face plate, in case you wish to move to the ultimate Allo streamer.


    $230 including PayPal and Shipping in the US for all 3 (DigiOne Signature, Raspberry Pi 3, Micro SD card).


  10. Allo USBridge Signature Player + 16 GB Sandisk Ultra microSD

    Allo's brilliantly designed USBridge Signature Player. Bought as a backup streamer (with DigiOne Signature - listed separately) and was in service for ~3 weeks. Always powered by Shanti when used. Includes a Sandisk Ultra 16 GB Micro SD with Volumio preinstalled.


    $240 including PayPal and Shipping in US.


  11. Roon server/endpoint: Intel i7 NUC w/ 32GB Optane, 16GB RAM, Akasa Fanless Case

    The perfect Roon or Euphony server or endpoint.


    Build list:

    • 7th Gen Intel NUC (NUC7i7DNBE) ($550)
    • 16 GB Micron Ballistix RAM ($75)
    • 32GB Intel Optane drive ($75)
    • Akasa Plato X7D Fanless Case ($120)
    • The NUC was always powered by a Farad Super3 and fed USB and Ethernet via Super3-powered IsoRegen and EtherRegen respectively.

    As built, it cost $820+. Asking $550 $495 $395 shipped in the US, including PayPal 


    10/31 edit: final price drop before it gets donated. 


  12. Allo Shanti Dual 5v Linear Power Supply (Regulated, Ultracaps)

    A long time Allo fan, I bought two of these supplies thinking one will go to my DIY projects. DIY hasn't gotten touched in a while, so trying to find a new home for the second unit. Additional USB C and uUSB adapters included as I have plenty from other Allo supplies. Listing as Used even though it is practically new.


    $160 incl. shipping and PayPal (it is $196 shipped from Allo). Thanks!


  13. 35 minutes ago, audiobomber said:

    I believe I misread or misremembered. Here's the post I was looking for: 


    Happens to the best of us! What I believe the author of the quoted post was trying to say is that analog sections are often powered by +/- 15v rails. The SHD very well might also (doing its own regulation from 24v to 15v on board).  

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