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  1. Great detailed review, thank you @DarqueKnight! I also love my RAL CAT8+ cable been running it for about a year now. Have you had any experience with the latest Sablon Audio Ethernet 2020 cable? I need to purchase 2 more ethernet cable for my multiple switch setup and been trying to finalize my choice between the RAL, Shunyata Sigma, Pachanko Aphelion or the Sablon 2020.
  2. So what are the best sfp module to be used in: 1. d-link fiber optic converters 2. cisco 2960 48-TC L thank you
  3. Just did a custom lpsu with swedish torodial and blackgate caps for my dual switch setup (c2960 48TC-L). Also did a fan delete on both 48TCs.
  4. Thank you @One and a half apology for the late response. Finally fixed the polarity and ground on the iso transformer but I still felt the reduced dynamics and stiffness from the diablo 300. Had the iso transformer removed and diablo 300 direct to my 20A dedicated line now its back alive. The only route im thinking next is to try the shunyata denali 6000 v2. I just want to hear how much of a difference it is compared to direct to the wall.
  5. @One and a half so i need to connect the main ground from mcb to the central tap of primary winding, and connect the grounding going to diablo, secondary winding neutral to the secondary winding centre tap? Please correct me if Im wrong. Much appreciated
  6. Ok, so now i need to connect the center pin of the primary and frame with the ground that goes to the diablo correct?
  7. Thanks for the inputs guys. @One and a half should the main or secondary one of the balanced transformer be grounded? Now the ground stays on the outside of the transformer. and for some reason from 4kva transformer i still feel some minor dynamic compression of the diablo 300. Which is weird since the peak it needs is only 1900watts. another point i would point out is when the power circuitry that is connected through that balanced transformer is checked using the ifi acipurifier, the ground and polarity warning lights are both red.
  8. Youre comments and experiences are appreciated. Im currently running a 4kva which is more than double what the diablo 300 instantaneous 1900watts at peak but I still feel like it kills abit of the bass (thickness of sound). Please advice thanks
  9. @KunterK have you compared the mikrotik w the cisco 2960 TL performance? Never been a fan of the tp link. Ive tried using the tp link as the fiber end point out of my 2960 48TL and it made it worse. Direct is better. The only problem is the 48TL is using smps. I thought if using the mikrotik as the fiber receiver (running lpsu) from the 48TL would it make it significantly better? Anyone?
  10. Update: hooked up the ep-2450 after a systems and magic mini blacknoise, the result is amazing. It removed the distortion the mini black couldnt. Music is more relaxed. Most recommended. And most importantly at 240v the ep-2450 is good for your power amp since it does let 3300 watts of power.
  11. Thank you @Kal Rubinson . for those seeking for the same answer, here is a reply Ive got from the EP’s rep. The unit is rated for continuous 15A, which is 1800W @ 120v, and 3300w @ 220v.”
  12. Anyone had any experience with the unit? Ive just recently acquired the unit and it is on the way to be delivered. Just wondering if it will be current limiting for a power amp which have to absorb 1900watts of sudden power. The amp is the gryphon diablo 300. Cause from my experience it is very sensitive to current limiting ac conditioners/regenerators. thanks in advance and hope to hear your experiences and inputs.
  13. Yes i second what @charlesphoto is saying, regarding the varying sound quality between 2960s. I have 2 and they both sound diff. One better than the other.
  14. @plissken pls take ur time in the mean time my console cable (usb - rj45) is still on its way. ive found that having the 48tc converting fiber (with clean isolated mains) , and the ethernet to my mac produces the best sound. So now the 8tc-s is used to convert ethernet from ethernet (airport extreme) to fiber in the other room then fiber all the way to listening room. im going to try the tplink mc220L with linear psu for ethernet-fiber conversion today, and see if there is a diff.
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