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  1. Just received 2 x DC iPurifier2 today. Connected one to the custom linear power supply (with black gate F caps) powering up my mac mini (which has 4 x iSilencer+), and the other one to my Empirical Audio Interchange Network Renderer linear power supply which is based on a Paul Hynes LPSU Design. @AMR/iFi audioI was wondering how long would it take the DC iPurifier2 to perform at its best? Do they need a proper run in? From the get go, the sound is more analog, I still feel that everything hasn't settled yet, the sound is still a bit nervous, bass not extended, but it sounds quieter, blacker background etc. Definitely there is a positive improvement in the sound even put on after a dc out of good linear power supplies. 2 x DC blockers are coming in hopefully at the beginning of next month, dealer said theyre running out of stock and waiting for shipments.
  2. Ditto! Also getting a really good analog sound out of my Empirical Audio ODSX & Interchange Network Renderer. It's quite amazing. Happily subscribed a couple days ago ;)
  3. @erikdi think it is got nothing to do with AS software, but on the renderer hardware/programming and the compatibility of it with AS. When Goldnote DS-10 was released i also had that problem streaming upnp from 3.5, and now with the empirical audio interchange network renderer, no problem at all.
  4. @erikd what kind of pinknoise when playing upnp? Ive been using 3.5 and now AS sending upnp to me renderer without any issues at 16 and 24.
  5. Just suscribed to the yearly plan with AS! Whoelse here did as well and supported @damien78? just wondering when will we get an update on the Audirvana Remote, Damien? @damien78 Lookin’ fwd to a year filled with musical bliss ⚡️
  6. Noted @bobbmd , i took off the internal plastic skeleton that holds the hdd drives (no internal drives/storage) other than the sd card. By taking off the plastic skeleton, it means no more ir sensor and no more led light (the white led light when powering on/off). You should give it a try, i hear a big sq improvement when taking it off. lots of oyaide mwa-010 tape inside the mini plus a shunmook mpingo disc between the motherboard and top cover that really made the sound bloomed. apology for being OT 🙏
  7. Aside from the negative comments here, I have really enjoyed the latest AS without any bugs/crashes. Everything works smoothly and I am running AS via an optimized 2014 i7 3.0ghz mac mini with 16GB booting from a lexar sdhc 2000x 32GB Sd card. AS runs from ramdisk, and the mini is always operating undervoltaged. Even when playing files upsampled to 192/24 using both sox and r8brain it is actually sounding and running alot smoother than A+ 3.5xx. I strictly use AS only to send through music (UPNP connection/ethernet) to my Empirical Audio Interchange Network Renderer (endpoint). Music never sound better. Thank you @damien78
  8. Was wondering if the aries femto can send files to an external upnp renderer via the lightningDS software? Thanks
  9. @RunHomeSlowyes it sounds more ANALOG now.. more than ever.. the timbre and density of the sound is just beautiful. When tweaking my digital system, I always reference the sound to vynil, and now it sounds the same or even better. Damien just brought the "soul" back into digital.
  10. @Boleary3theoretically yes, I had my doubts, but it does sound better on my older 2014 mac mini (non M1 - which Studio is actually optimized to run on)
  11. @matthiasin contrary to their finding, I find it so much more musical than 3.5, it is way less analytical, timbre is just so much better, the music just blooms. Even upsampling now sounds so so good. Why don't u have a try and listen rather than hearing people's reactions?
  12. @RunHomeSlowbtw this is abit of off topic but I saw you are running 10.15.7 OS, and was wondering if you have any success deleting the OS "built-in" apps? I was using a leaned out El Capitan to run Audirvana 3.5 and just recently got another SD Card to be able to compare and separately install another OS to be able to run Studio which is the 10.15.7 (couldnt get High Sierra)
  13. haha! Since I also use Studio strictly for streaming online in the mean time without trying to integrate my offline collection yet. I'm very surprised people kept talking about the bad things and NONE regarding the upgrade in SQ.
  14. Matt @matthias, I did compared the two without any upsampling, and Studio sounds so much more musical/less analytical sounding due to the bloom in the mid and bass area. The timbre playing through Studio is just so much more analog sounding. For some reason i wasnt a fan of the Audirvana 3.5 upsampling, but with Studio using r8brain it sounds wonderful upsampling to my dac's maximum freg (dac is empirical audio odsx/interchange network renderer), wow just wow, im very happy with the trial version. Great job Damian and the whole Audirvana team.
  15. Two those who are interested, finally had a chance to sit down and properly compared audirvana 3.5 + optimized el capitan on sd card and AS + “almost” optimized Catalina on sd card, both using upnp out, no upsampling with sys optimizer, wow the new AS sounds denser, thicker, more analog and more musical wasnt expecting that at all, but I feel the music runs a tad faster on the AS?
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