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  1. You can. Go to My Playlists and open one. Look for the three dots in a white circle icon at the left under the artwork. Click it and there are various options including delete. Obviously that isn't available for playlists that haven't been created by you.
  2. I wouldn't make any assumption about original recording formats. There is no provenance available not even an equivalent to the CD SPARS code. The vast majority of SACDs do not have a DSD source and , sadly, sometimes not even a hi-rez one. Qobuz does not have any rights to remaster recordings and they have no access to the master tapes or files . They can only stream or sell what the record labels send to them. So your question about improved formats really needs to be addressed to CPO or Exton themselves.
  3. There is no relationship between the two companies AFAIK apart from both being British. The product under discussion reminds me of Tweak for those that remember it.
  4. For those of us that like to purchase ( discounted) downloads as well Sublime+ has also been reduced by about £50 per annum ( to £249.99) with a credit available against existing accounts if renewed at the new rate.
  5. The answer to your question will be found on the previous page to this one. If you are a UK subscriber Qobuz has brought its charging broadly into line with the USA which means a reduction in price for the future. It has also dropped the old MP3 and CD resolution only plans. So there are now two subscription plans only, Studio Premier and Sublime+. Both offer hi-res but Sublime + also provides discounted downloads.
  6. Let's see if David Craff can add any information. In the meantime I wouldn't lose hope over this. It is possible that Qobuz are phasing the price/plan changes across the other 10 European countries currently served by them over a period in order to avoid creating a huge amount of administration in one hit.
  7. I would have imagined that price changes to the UK service would be reflected in the other European services albeit in euro or other applicable currency. BTW, not only have prices dropped but there are now only two plans; Studio Premier and Sublime+. It should be easy to check as you may have received an email notifying the changes and providing a link to renew your existing subscription with a credit against any remaining time (for Sublime+). You could also just check the Qobuz home page for Ireland as, if the change applies there, it should now display the new rates.
  8. Open the full page album view in Qobuz desktop. Look at the left hand side below the cover art. You will see a number of icons ( play, add to favourites etc.). One looks like a bag; a shopping bag. That is the buy icon click that and the prices for the album in various formats is displayed. Click the price and you will be taken to the store to complete your purchase.
  9. There are two Gould recordings so before comparing with Barenboim you need to decide if you prefer Gould in 1955 or 1981. Personally I find the famous 1955 recording too mannered to be the only Goldberg in a collection. Probably the best recent piano recording of the piece is by Beatrice Rana ( Warners),it's the real deal. I also have a lot of time for Murray Perahia ( Sony). Both go beyond merely playing the right notes in the right order. If a Harpsichord performance is of interest then a recommendation is easy, Pierre Hantai ( Opus 111).
  10. 😁😁😁 Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, if you assume as your visual clue for scale that the windows and the ceiling lights are normal domestic sized then the seats must be for miniature folk.
  11. A few points to discuss here. It is Watford not Waterford Town Hall. Waterford is in Ireland. If you only heard odd soundstaging with EMI records caused by the Hall's acoustics then you should have heard the same with many Decca and UK produced RCA recordings as they too were made in Watford Town Hall. Finally, Watford Town Hall ( now renamed Watford Colosseum) is shoebox shaped like the Concergebouw and Boston Symphony Hall which is the main reason why its acoustics are renowned. See linked picture. https://www.architecture.com/image-library/RIBApix/image-information/p
  12. No, Qobuz does not add anything. What you describe sounds like some kind of configuration issue with your replay system.
  13. I use LiveDrive ( as recommended by a poster here a few months ago) which offers two types of backup one of which is unlimited ( but I would double check with them given a 5TB library) and costs me 48 gbp per annum. I have a much smaller library than you amounting currently to about 700GB . That took about 4 hours to upload but this is not only defined by the upload speed from the user but also because everything they store is encrypted. This adds to upload time as one can see that when the desktop app indicates the upload is complete at the user end processing at their end is cont
  14. I just completed the survey ( prior to reading your post) and also put this request as my top priority. It is also a pain having to move from one's listening chair to the computer location every time you need to send a command to the Qobuz player even if you do not have a headless setup.
  15. As I said there may be something I haven't come across before and I haven't used the Qobuz webpage since I signed up with them four years ago. I can only suggest that , at least for the time being , you now access your favourites via the player. At least you can sort the list to a degree. Prices will have to be found by opening the album and clicking the bag ( buy) icon. I have to say that in any case if I want to buy a download I will not just click the buy icon but will go off to competitive websites to see if Qobuz are really the cheapest. Often they are but certainly not always
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