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  1. Hi guys, Desperately needing your help here…. I have a COWON Plenue D2 as my DAP and my cans are the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro. Once these headphones have an high impedance, I find myself wishing to have more power in sound (sound levels are acceptable but not necessarily high). I am now in the market for a nice amplifier and I need your suggestions/help. I might prefer something portable as I walk a lot doing indoor stuff while listening to music. Thanks in advance guys…
  2. Hi! I listen to music with a pair of cans from Beyerdynamic (DT Pro 1990) and a DAP from Cowon - the Plenue D2. It is an approximately 1000 EUR/USD combo. However, perhaps due to the high impedance from the headphones (250 ohms ), the sound does not reach the levels I want nor the “transparency” for some types of music are not as clear as others.… So, my question, do you guys think I could somehow “connect” my Cowon DAP with an amp so I could upgrade sound quality? My DAP only has the 3.5 and 2.5mm (baslanced) outputs as well the main entrance for charging (that ends with USB type) Your thougths / ideas would be very much appreciated ;)
  3. Exactly, that is what I thought also😉
  4. Thank you for the detailed amd well describef explanation. It really makes all sense. Decidef with 1990 pro Thanks once again
  5. Thank you so much for your answer. Yes, i will definately go for the 1990 Regards
  6. Than you for your answer. You are becoming my "mentor" lololol I'll go with 1990 honestly, I prefer the "real" sound over the fun sound. thank you once again for your help. cheers
  7. sorry to bother you again audiobomber but can you please give your thoughts on this: I am currently deciding between the 1990 and the Amiron. I ´ve noticed that the beyerdynamic Dt 1990 Pro in not HI RES certified and the AMiron is? I can see the same thing occurs in the sennheiser 660s (not HI RES) VS the 650 (HI RES) Do you think "that matters" when selecting an headphone? I am really pending toward the 1990 pro but that detail is bothering me. My sourche is HI RES certified though... thanks so much
  8. Hi, Can anyone explain why the beyerdynamic Dt 1990 Pro in not HI RES certified and the Amiron is? I can see the same thing occurs in the sennheiser 660s (not HI RES) VS the 650 (HI RES) Do you think "that matters" when selecting an headphone? I am thinking having the 1990 pro but that detail is bothering me. My sourche is HIRES certified though... Please share your thoughs :) thanks
  9. Yes, only for home usage. 👍Indeed open back, weight and chords from the beyer will sure make impossible to leave the door from my house. The DAP, on the other hand, will give me mobility with some budget earphones. The 1990 DT will be only to relax after work. I think the DAP is a good option for both ways: home and exterior. What do u think about it?
  10. Many many thanks for your help I know sometimes instructing newbies with basic info is so so boring. I think the analytical pads are the ones with lots of holes on them. Not the ones that come standard installed, right? for that amount of money (in Portugal I can get the 1990 Pro for about 480 €), do you think I am doing the correct choice? or do you advise on something better?
  11. First, thank you so much for your info. well...you have an idea how newbie I am with my question, don't you? from what I understand you are saying is: in my specific case, "quality speaking", a balance or an unbalanced headphone will not make much difference because my DAP has power enough to support the headphone? According to some research I done the 1990 Pro is slightly better than the Amiron Home (and lesse expensdive too) The photo is from my DAP. just go for the left option right ;))) Pleaseee help! thank u!
  12. Thank you for your opinion. I will definately go for the "balance mode". Adaptor female for the 3.5mm of the 1990 to male 2.5mm balanced of the Pleanue. That DAP has two DUAL DAcs which is impressive. forget UI, wireless, android etc....Just raw power as a source. Exactly what I want Regards,
  13. Thank you for your opinion. The plenue has a balanced port 2.5mm. The 1990 have 3.5 so I am thinking in having an adaptor from 3.5 to 2.5mm so I can benefit the balanced sound form the source. By the way is there a specific adaptor you think it might get the job better or any of them will do? Thanks!
  14. Hi all! I have a DAP, the Cowon Plenue D2 as source and I am thinking in buying the Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro headphones. My question: Will the headphones "play well" on the DAP or do you thinl I will be needing a stronger source such as a specific DAP? Please click here to see the specs from Cowon. I am a complete newbie on these thinks to be honest, but I think I would be fine. I just want your "green light" and be 100% sure before buying the headphones. Thank you all!
  15. Hi all, So, I bought the Cowon Plenue D2 DAP and I would like to know your thoughts about which would be the minimum IEM for them....I mean in terms of quality and money Do you think to have a good decent pair of IEMs we should spend AT LEAST like 300, 500, 1000usd.... Thoughts and opinions please
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