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  1. Hi all, So, I bought the Cowon Plenue D2 DAP and I would like to know your thoughts about which would be the minimum IEM for them....I mean in terms of quality and money Do you think to have a good decent pair of IEMs we should spend AT LEAST like 300, 500, 1000usd.... Thoughts and opinions please
  2. Hi everyone! I had an initial budget of 900usd to spend on a DAC and IEMs. On my first naïve thoughts I was thinking spending about 50/50 on each. After having been advised from many of you I decided to buy an IEM that will bring me joy, happiness and more important quality and reliability for the coming years – The IEM is The Diana from A&K/ JH audio. The IEM alone cost practically my budget (700usd). My question is: do you think I can have/buy a DAP player for 200/300usd that can let’s say “support” the IEM or for such level of IEMs a player of 200usd will not “add” nothing. Should I save that money and listen the IEMs on my Samsung Note 9 as “the source”? or do you recommend a DAP? Thank you all!
  3. Well, I have about 800eur budget to spent on something audiophile. I had in mind a combo made by the new FiiO M11 (450 eur) and a pair of Shure’s 535 (about 400€). However something came to mind…What if I would buy the mighty 846’s shure IEM (that everybody says are exceptional) and listen my music throw them either on my Samsung Note 9 or in my home theater HT-S3800 – Onkyo. I know both options don’t have Hi Res audio (I think !) but I could benefit on a very high end IEM and possibly upgrade on a DAC in the future. Would you rather prefer the combo or just the IEM??? I am so confused and I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!
  4. Are you satisfied with the 535's? If you had to buy a new pair today would you still buy it or would you prefer one of the following options: BGVP DM7 Campfire Orion Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Westone w20 thanks
  5. I totallly agree with your point of view. Definately mobility (either for commute or jogging) so a good DAP is a must. Thinking on the new Fiio M11. As for the earphones either the shure 535, DGVP DM7 or a pair from Fiio are my options. By the way do you think I will be compensated (sonically) if I purchase earphones from the same brand as the DAP, or it's a "no issue". thank you
  6. I guess I will be 50/50. Thinking on a combo made by the new Fiio M11 and a pair of shure SE535 (I clerarly prefer earphones over headphones, only for a mobility purpose ex: joggion) what do you think?
  7. Hi there! Whats more important, good earphones or a good DAP? Another way of thinking would be if you were going to buy a system consisted of earphones and a digital audio player and both components each on a scale 1 through 10, 10 being perfect, added together need to equal 10. Is it better lets say to get earphones that are 7/10 and a DAP 3/10 or get it the other way, DAP 7/10 and earphones 3/10, maybe both 5/10. I am a newbie and I would like to have your experienced opinion. Currently, I have a budget of 800usd for the system (earphones and DAP) Thank you all
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