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  1. more than 70 views and not a single answer. Maybe Did I post in the wrong section Thank you
  2. Hi everybody ,Enrico from Italy, sorry for my bad English . I'm trying to understand all the possible uses of the dac with various applications. If I use it with Tidal I have the led when it listens to MQA but how does the LED behave with other types of songs? Since I only see magenta for MQA but then the LED is always white for any other type of music. Let's move on to audirvana If I link Tidal to audirvana it doesn't let me see the tracks in MQA but I see that also the MASTER like 16/44 reads them because? I then tried to get a DSD 64 and the led that became BLUE became CYAN because? If I listen to a song 24/96 I see the white led and also audirvana tells me on the left of the menu which is a 24/96 while on the right of the same menu I read 32/96 I tried a song 24/192 and obviously the LED remains white, but why? Thank you
  3. Ciao , just sent you a PM cant connect via proxy my iPhone to the imac thanks for your help enrico
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