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  1. Hi..Thks so much for replying. In other words I gotta spend more money on the Dialog box! Ouch, but I think for the lower end models like the 600 or 900 I think there could be another way to get stereo without having to spend anymore $ on another device. But thanks for taking your time to reply, Wishing you and your family a super summer! Its summer here all year round! Cheers Kas
  2. Hi...Wow so you have been using air of Gold's for sometime now - lucky boy! Well they have only recently started selling the Devialet here in Malaysia and I was looking at a pair of the Phantoms 600 or 900....But I was wondering how would you connect a pair using cables to the speakers from a DAC? From their literature it appears they expect one to stream or directly connect a digital source to the speakers and let the internal DAC take care of that job. Even so how would you connect say a CD player to both speakers physically? Would it mean that a stereo pair would only play if the signa
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