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  1. Thanks for suggestions. Appreciated. Happy to report all has been stable for over a week and looks good. Switched the red switch up as suggested by Superdad - Thanks. I think also a power supply issue was making the DAC switch on and off without me knowing which knocked out DAC on Roon. DAC Power is fed via 5 volt Ifi and the Curious USB also powers the DAC. Once again I’m happy to sing the sonic praises of the ISO Regen. Icing on the cake in my system imo that took the pushed the sound to a level that I didn’t think was possible. My digital set up now sounds much closer to Analogue with plenty of air and depth and none of the brightness/sterility that digital sound (even real high end DACs) can have.
  2. Thanks James. Since the post I tried that and disconnecting Ethernet and reconnecting and it came back after an earlier disconnect of everything did not so hopefully your suggestion might help. I swapped out the cable connecting the Ultracaps to the ISO Regen with a better quality one.
  3. After a few weeks use the sound is great but the continued disappearance of the DAC in the system is very frustrating. It stays for maybe 1-3 days and then always drops off. I have to unplug everything then put DAC on - Regen and then SOTM sms 200. This doesn’t always work first time . I keep repeating until it shows again in Roon. Totally down to the ISO Regen addition as the DAC never dropped out previously. Im not impressed.
  4. I thought it only fair that I add here how wonderful the ISO Regen has made the music sound. More than I had hoped. I like my new DAC and it sounds good enough but I was going to spend a bit and upgrade but now I don’t think I have to for a while. My hi res, dsd, tidal 16/44 & MQA all sound better and kinda stunning now. DAC still disappeared after Mac Mini (Roon core) restart but it doesn’t seem as if it will drop out apart from that. I’m recommending the Regen to friends for sure.
  5. No problem. I forgot to mention earlier Superdad that my SOTM Sms-200 is powered by S Booster PS. Been listening successfully all morning. I suppose I’ve got it working by all off then turning DAC on, then Regen and then SOTM. That seems to be how it’s worked. Still a little nervy about it dropping out again which is an extra potential pain because I think it was worth the money for the sound improvement I am hearing. More air , great bass improvement and deeper soundstage seem to be most noticeable improvement. Noting fatiguing or too digital that’s for sure
  6. Thanks for replies and suggestions. Working now, hopefully no more dropouts. Loving the sound improvement, very impressed & I didn’t doubt the Regen’s reputation for improvement but I was still surprised as you kinda think your system can’t sound too much better. Wow - the piano I am hearing right now! Thank you for your detailed response Superdad especially under the circumstances. I feel bad you were on a family hike! I’m from Perth Western Australia and two years ago my wife and I stayed four nights at yesterday right on the river in one of the campsites at Yosemite. What a wonderful place. Beautiful. It was peak water that year too. If issues arise I will take the advice here and I have a couple of experts in my city that will help too. All the best.
  7. A few days ago I purchased an ISO Regen with UltraCAPs 1 power supply and it has been nothing but trouble and disappointment. Roon would just skip songs without playing. Zone drops out. It took forum advice to get it working in my system - there is nothing in the manual or website. no troubleshooting etc. The advice was to turn everything off and power DAC first then Regen then my streamer. Eventually this worked and music played. Then after few minutes, of what did sound good, the sound went - no volume despite song still playing on Roon. Tested DAC and amp with CD and sound was fine. Frustrated pulled it all out and listened without it. Later tried again and using similar steps and after a number of attempts it eventually worked and listen recommenced this time lasting for 15 mins or so. Then it just starting skipping with our playing any songs again. Not impressed seems a very fickle product especially for the price. I do not expect this sort of problem and frustration. I have SOTM Cat 7 ethernet cable into SOTM SMS-200, Curious USB into Regen powered by Ultracaps out with Curious Regen Link (I even purchased this cable!) into DAC. Project S2 DAC powered by 5 volt mini usb IFI power supply. Any other owners haver similar issues?
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