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  1. Cheers @bobfa I appreciate your kind words and astute observations. As far as I know, the Unity Atom is the closest competitor to the M10. I think you’re exactly right in your comparisons. I have no experience with the D2 or D3, but you might be on to something as far as the trend toward a “modern” sound in speakers. I take modern to mean a pristine, transparent quality which I imagine stems from the current “golden age” of digital sources. Taken too far, I can see how the result could become dry and harsh in a effort to sound cleaner. That über clarity can become too sharp. It wou
  2. @blaven Thank you for the kind words! Enjoy that sweet system of yours while ur hunkering down in safety. @g_iordache Thanks, brother! I appreciate your comments. I don’t think I’m throwing shade though. In fact, I think NAD would agree with me — in spirit if not the exact word choices. At its price, given the costs associated with the impressive design, touchscreen interface and outstanding remote app, I think it’s inevitable ultimate SQ would take a hit. It was a specific choice NAD made. I haven’t heard the R-N803, but I’ve always enjoyed the “natural” Yamaha
  3. @apple2k Instead of reviewing the M10 as a model, I review the unit that’s given to me by the manufacturer. I believe that gives a clearer picture of the product as a whole, including its reliability. If a unit I’m given hasn’t been tested thoroughly or is perhaps prone to being faulty (i.e. the standby button), that’s on the manufacturer. If I can’t install DIRAC, then it’s a useless feature to me and for others in my situation, regardless of its potential. That’s part of my review. Having said that, I would’ve been quite interested in hearing what DIRAC could do. But, I was
  4. Thanks for the comments @audiobomber, et al.I love hearing what you guys think! @AudioDoctor, It’s difficult to do goat yoga now that you have to stay six feet from the goat. @The Computer Audiophile, The verve and presence I enjoyed from the M10 would be make it a stand out in a hectic environment like RMAF. I didn’t hear the M10 there, but I imagine it sounded quite good. The refinement that I missed in home listening sessions would be hard for me to detect under show conditions. So, maybe we heard some of the same things. @PeterG, Yes, compared to N
  5. Typically, you might see more of an introduction here, but these days everyone is just so darn busy being busy. Instant gratification is the only solution. I wish there was an app that would read my mind. Me wantee... now! I hear you. Let’s get to it... The NAD - M10 ($2749) streaming amplifier is not your typical audiophile component — mostly because it’s not audiophile. At least, not in the sense that an experienced listener would consider it to be audiophile. Nor do I believe it’s intended to be. But, if audio quality takes a backseat — what, pray tell, is the M10’s raison d'et
  6. <<monster truck show voice >>> Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!!
  7. Things I Learned At RMAF: Always make sure your seat is properly oriented toward the speakers. When people get up to leave, they tend to turn the chairs askew. There were rooms where I found myself underwhelmed and thinking the soundstage is very confusing, only to realize I’m sitting off angle. Anyone else have RAMF “protips”?
  8. It’s the second half here at RMAF. A few thoughts. Two of my favorite rooms, Classic Album Sundays and Sonore, both had one significant thing in common - Vivid Kaya. Their looks are growing on me. Definitely a case of form meets function. Smooth slopes and curves. Boulder/REL room sounded impressive without any acoustic treatments. Directional tweeters (Vienna Acoustics Liszt) and SIX subwoofers sure helps. Apparently after much trial and error they ended up with a symmetrical arrangement. Pic below. Pleased to see several blind audiophiles with canes. Now
  9. Great topic @The Computer Audiophile. Sorry your experience was a bit miserable. I had a different experience. Loved the rain and mud. Woodstock was easily one of the best times of my life. Transcendent. Life changing. Probably the first and last time I'll ever experience that much of a humanistic, communal feeling. People spontaneously formed a human chain to help others climb a steep muddy hill where we camped out. And then some people felt sorry for us sleeping in the rain (couldn't afford a tent), so they gave us their tent and some food and drink. Just before the now legendary
  10. @Veovis Thanks for your perspective as an owner. Due to a variety of circumstances, the review period took place over a number of months. The first month I was unable to start the review in earnest, so the amp had a good amount of time to get settled. When I said “out of the box,” it was a bit colloquial. I was referring to using the amp “as is” with the stock power cord and default settings. Also, the unit had already seen use prior to arrival.
  11. @msagar Thanks for the nice comment. The unit I received was indeed made in Brooklyn.
  12. Thanks for the welcome @The Computer Audiophile, @DuckToller, et al. CA/AS has been an invaluable resource as I’ve evolved my system over the years. Hopefully I can make a positive contribution to this great community. Cheers!
  13. Always Start With Coffee I've switched to drinking cold brew coffee. I used to be an Aeropress guy, but the cold brew process is a revelation to me. Bitter acidity and aftertaste are banished like so much jitter. Plus, I prefer iced coffee anyway. If you really want to get to know the flavor of your coffee beans, cold brew is the way to go. Water + coarse grind beans + steep time. This simplicity allows you to enjoy your coffee beans in their purest, most unadulterated form. In streamlining the coffee making process, one is able to zero in on the few elements in play and get them d
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