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  1. Has anyone experimented with two ER in a chain? What was the outcome (if any)...
  2. Yes...the next feedback is then: this is not „Hifi“ 😂😂😂 it has Bluetooth!
  3. I will purchase an Allo Nirvana SMPS for the RPI in my DigiOne just to be sure and isolate A and B side consequencently. The Allo SMPS supports a ground shunt as yours and other tweaks (should sound like a LPS...). This should be fine for my RPI. The spare 5V out from my Keces is then used for my iPad to charge while „always on“ with Roon.
  4. Sorry! You are right! I asked that question twice...recognized now. aaaaa don’t want to unplug everything to measure, but I will try.
  5. I am powering my ER with my Keces P8 incl. ground wire. The same time the P8 powers the roon core on the A side and the RPI (DigiOne Sig) connected on the B side. The DigiOne digitalboard connected to the RPI is powered by the UC 1.2. Are the connected components isolated from each others ground? I asked Keces and they stated, that the outputs are fully floating/isolated from each other and the mains ground. Is that true? @Superdad What is your knowledge on the P8?
  6. Depends on the number of inputs used. My observation with 12V: ever input on A side adds 0.1A consumption. 0.6A base current + 4 Ethernet x 0.1A = 1A Shows that unused ports lead to powered off controllers etc...(or am I wrong?) With my my old regular switch the current was 0.1A overall and nothing changed this.
  7. We need to be tolerant: @Iving was so strongly addicted to ER from the first hour, doctors couldn’t help him. After the drug manufacturer (aka Uptone) slightly tuned the recipe, his emotions went all over the place seeking for the original relief without a real explanation or remedy. After a while, he understood, that he was used to the first smell and taste of it and couldn’t contemplate the additional kick of the new recipe. To enjoy it, he needed to abandon the whiskey (aka additional equipment) and add lemon (ground cable) to swallow the pill. PS: I am not a English native, but
  8. What are recordings which shocked you in a positiv manner?
  9. I am now running my ER with the floating Keces P8 and ground screw and already attached my Apple TV to the A side. Now I want to connect my PS4 and hesitating... Feeling really (!) awkward @Superdad, because I tend to seperate (even cut the power off) all devices other than audio while listening...
  10. Either way: After having a LPS 1.2 and EtherRegen I am wondering what is potentially next.
  11. So is the discussion of V1 vs. V2 over? This is my impression Reading through the latest Feedbacks the V2 (could) support the aim to be „true to the source“ which I love and appreciate a lot. Even if this is something which some aren’t used to. At the end, everybody will love it after hearing what is really IN the record.
  12. If it is more revealing the V2 is my friend To make it sound “right” to your ears there are other measures (room acoustics, equalized ala Floyd Toole etc.). Thanks for the explanation!
  13. So your statement is: more analytical, more detail, darker meaning more “true to the source”? If this is the conclusion I am all in! I love this because it gives you the ability to tune room/convolution filter in a very neutral system. Very good! Some here mentioned that they think it is more HiFi...for me these are many opinions, but not a clear direction and no common opinion.
  14. Thanks! Now I can get to bed with optimism and good faith... (in Germany it is late)
  15. I am really looking forward to a feedback regarding the changes from @JohnSwenson on a technical point of view and how his observation were in comparing both. I think @Superdad is not very amused about this during Thanksgiving...I feel him, but this is the curse having us as customers (and fans 😎).
  16. There are several opinions on V1 and V2. Can the people happy with the V2 give some statements about their observations?
  17. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time (and peace) to conduct an A/B comparison. I will someday switch back to my old switch to hear the differences. I think after getting used to ER, potential changes will be more obvious Forst observation is that I listen with higher volume which gives more joy! A change is immediately audible just by listening to while moving through my home (without critical listening needed). It sounds more clear, refined and relaxed/stable. More live without being nervous. Sometimes the mind plays games (new device must bring something to the game), but h
  18. Hehe...just connected the ER to my Keces P8 LPS with a cable for grounding. Idling at 0,8A/12V while my Sonictransporter i5 is idling at 0,6A/12V. Mini Computer speaking As I updated the FW, I could experience the overall PCB - quiet nice and a lot of chips are located on smallest room. @JohnSwenson had a hard job to Lay-out with good grounding in mind. Chapeau!
  19. Ok maybe I tend to use a fruitful expression 🤪 Pijamas? Me too, it’s Sunday 🤩
  20. Agreed Alex! Interesting that this has a huge impact in B side! PS: No weekend for you thou?
  21. Now I found it: I think this should be reconsidered by @Superdador watched/tested closely. Best thing would be, if the user could set this particular setting in a very easy to find out what fits best. Either way: should be tested “sound wise” before shipping.
  22. Do you mean the change of sound? I can’t compare because mine is running with new FW (couldn’t operate it before so...).
  23. 26h running without hickup. Playing music over roon and streaming movies over Apple TV. 🥳
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