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  1. This is a good cable for sure, but it doesn’t work that great in all systems. YMMV especially with digital cables. In my system, I found that the CT-2 spdif cable did some things very well and some things not so well. I ended up returning it for a refund.
  2. Yes I have the one with all the upgrades including the sclk-ex clock
  3. Does anyone have instructions on how to change the input voltage from 9v to 12v?
  4. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I opted to upgrade the mobo clocks to OCXO first since it offers an easier upgrade path. The bridge card clocks can easily be swapped out by yourself, but upgrading the mobo clocks need to be sent back to Jord if you don’t upgrade it to either OCXO or ultra initially. I currently have OCXO mobo clocks and standard bridge clock. With this set up I plan to eventually upgrade the bridge and mobo clocks to ultras, and I wouldn’t need to send the unit back to Jord to do so. So I guess it depends on what your end goal is.
  5. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Also, 3 weeks in and the 2.16 is sounding better every week. No tweaking of AL from me yet, but that will be fun to play around with once I'm ready ...but I won't even know where to start!
  6. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I have the SPDIF bridge on my 2.16, as my DAC only has SPDIF RCA/XLR inputs. With this setup, it's a relief to no longer need two very expensive USB cables, a USB conditioner, Mutec MC-3+ usb reclocker, 10M external clock. I don't miss those items at all!
  7. k27R

    usb cables?

    When I used USB, I demo’d a lot and only one cable made me say “wow”. Nordost Valhalla 2 unfortunately.
  8. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Thanks, I just got it and I'm very happy with it so far. It's only been two days so I need to put more hours on still. I got the OXCO upgrades and I'm told these take a bit of time to settle in. But even brand new, the quality is on another level compared to any of my previous spaghetti setups.
  9. Did you have a tx-USBultra with the sms-200ultra? When I owned the SOtM stack, I found that the sms-200 Ultra Neo was lacking in resolution without the tx-USBultra SE.
  10. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    My 2.16 is on its way to me. I had Jord install a JCAT NET card in my build since his pink faun lan card isn't available yet.
  11. For sale a Mutec MC-3+ USB Smart Clock. Comes with original box and accessories. Works great but I no longer need it SOLD
  12. Was your PSU spec'd with Mundorf caps? I don't see any in the picture.
  13. For sale is the Curious Cables USB cable. This is the short 200mm cable with the standard Type A to Type B connectors. Excellent condition, original owner, original packaging. Asking $100 shipped CONUS, paypal add 3% fee. PM if interested.
  14. For sale is the Uptone Audio ISO Regen USB isolator conditioner. Comes with uptone PCB USB A-B adapter. Original owner, in excellent condition. Less than a year old. SOLD
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