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  1. I'm downsizing my setup, so for sale is my SOTM sNH-10G Switch with the following options/upgrades: -sCLK-EX Clock -standard 9 volt -7N UPOCC internal silver wire -EVOX capacitors -eABS - 200 I'm the original owner, and it is less than a year old. Retail is $1700. Asking $1200 OBO + shipping. PM if interested.
  2. interest check. I may have to downsize my digital audio setup to help fund a nonaudio related purchase. I really don’t want to sell this but if any one is interested, I may be willing to let go of my Pink Faun 2.16 streamer/server. It has the upgraded motherboard and processor OXCO clocks and SPDIF/AES bridge and full HQplayer embedded license. Retail is a little over $9200 USD for this configuration, and can still be further upgraded. I’d ask for $7750 plus shipping. I’d rather keep this but PM me if interested.
  3. I haven’t had any issues since Nenon (thanks so much!) helped me with identifying and disabling EEE in AL. It’s been running smooth without any hiccups for the past week. Upgraded to Roon 1.7 a few days ago and no issues. I’m hesitant to update to the new firmware when it gets released since everything has been running so well.
  4. I look forward to this. It was working great all weekend without a hiccup. Then today dropped out and it won’t reconnect
  5. Yes I tried A->B with supplied SMPS and got dropouts as described. And yes, both ethernet cables are using the metal connectors. Using the SOTM CAT7. I haven't tried different ethernet cables, I'll try some normal ones with plastic connectors.
  6. I was having the same drop out issues with my system last night and it was a little frustrating. My system consists of: ubquiti edge router->copper->EtherREGEN->copper->pinkfaun (uses a version AudioLinux) I tried a bunch of different configurations including optical and speeds on both server and router ends. what ended up finally working was switching the Regen around to go B to A ports, and using the stock power supply. For whatever reason, the linear ps I was originally using lead to dropouts and going A to B gave dropouts (no matter what speed settings were used on both ends) as well. its been playing all night without dropping out so far. I’ll have to play with it more today to see how stable it is with normal use.
  7. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Been playing around with core isolation. Some thoughts of how these sound in my current setup: 1 core isolated: Very nice 3D effect and resolution, but lacks some musicality and emotion. No core isolation: a smidge less resolution than the other two, a little digital sounding and less spatial, but more musical than 1 core isolated. Half (4 7) cores isolated: Most natural sounding of the three. As much resolution and more musical than 1 core isolated, but not as 3D sounding. This configuration works the best with my setup which is: Hardware: 2.16 OCXO's on mobo and processor SPDIF bridge with the standard TCXO (haven't upgraded this yet!) JCAT Net card Config: Roon only (not using HQP) Ramroot enabled Half core isolation Haven't dived into any of the other "more advanced" settings yet.
  8. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I’ve been comparing the two configurations over the past week, and I prefer Roon on its own with ramroot. In my system it offers a more delicate (better micro dynamics?), airier, and more natural sound. With HQplayer, I haven’t tried every filter yet, but with the ones I’ve tried, everything sounds tighter and more focused, but less natural and a bit more aggressive. On to the next tweak for me!
  9. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    lpost explains in his previous posts. Might just be a pink faun thing?
  10. k27R

    Pink Faun 2.16

    @lpost Yes, my 2.16 is sounding amazing right now with minimal setting tweaks! The resolution, micro dynamics, and macro dynamics are the stand outs for me. It really brings you into a performance. The only tweak I've done so far (as you suggested) is enabling ramroot with Roon alone, and it definitely brings in a little bit of ease and organics to the sound. Imaging is very sharp and 3D, but the soundstage is a tad bit forward for my taste. I'm hoping other tweaks can widen the soundstage and make it little more laid back, which has always been my preference. Since HQplayer and ramroot aren't friendly with each other just yet, next I will try ramroot disabled and HQplayer enabled. I'm guessing you've tried this and prefer ramroot with Roon alone?
  11. This is a good cable for sure, but it doesn’t work that great in all systems. YMMV especially with digital cables. In my system, I found that the CT-2 spdif cable did some things very well and some things not so well. I ended up returning it for a refund.
  12. Yes I have the one with all the upgrades including the sclk-ex clock
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