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  1. I’m using the terms “resolution” and “digital” to describe my subjective listening impressions, not the actual file or format attributes
  2. depends on how resolving your system is and how much the drop in sound quality matters to you. I had a node 2i in my system for about a month. It wasn’t awful when used with an external Dac, but there was a noticeable drop in resolution compared to my Euphony rig, which has a very natural sound. The node 2i sounded more “digital” overall in my main system, and it wasn’t enjoyable for me. It was perfectly fine in my less resolving second system, however.
  3. How are you guys doing the fresh install? Are you formatting the OS hard drive and removing all of the partitions first?
  4. View Classified FS: Pink Faun OCXO Clock for USB bridge For sale is a Pink Faun OCXO Clock module. This is the 20.0 MHz version that will drop right into the Pink Fain USB bridge card. Brand new is $635. Asking $345 shipped CONUS. PayPal f&f, otherwise please add 3.9%. Seller k27R Date 08/28/21 Price 345.00 USD Category Music Servers / Streamers
  5. Time Left: 6 hours and 24 minutes

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    For sale is a Pink Faun OCXO Clock module. This is the 20.0 MHz version that will drop right into the Pink Fain USB bridge card. Brand new is $635. Asking $345 shipped CONUS. PayPal f&f, otherwise please add 3.9%.

    345.00 USD

  6. They're two tubes each soldered into a 9-pin base. Just order replacements from Vlad. He'll provide them soldered onto the base already, so you'll just need to pop out the old assembled tubes and pop in the replacements..
  7. Yes thanks so much for your assessment. Did you try changing core isolation strategy with each of the versions? Or is that not enough to overcome the sound of the Euphony version?
  8. Vlad also uses some high end parts in the SE version, so its quite good. Can't comment on Audio Note Kits since its quite different from Audio Note UK, but with the latter, they uses better and better parts as you go up the line. It's gets expensive, but in my experience the jump in performance at each level is significant.
  9. My KTE was shipped directly from Hong Kong to US.
  10. Same, I'm using the sablon 2020 USB and stock power cable. I like the neutrality of the stock power cable vs. all the power cables I have on-hand. I've had no interest in trying different USB cables since I got the Sablon, and I've tried a lot before it.
  11. What sonic improvements were you able to realize by separating the power supply instead of stacking?
  12. Does anyone know if the RCA outputs and XLR outputs be used simultaneously without degradation in quality?
  13. good move on your part for ditching the custom build. Obviously there at at least 7 ppl asking to release their spot in the custom build queue. Paul should just give them their refund in good faith. He’s been holding on to their money 1-2 years at this point. Starting to feel like a scam.
  14. The feedback from AS members you are quoting are for the Pink Faun modded Buffalo and/or Paul Hynes power supply. This is a little misleading. I'm interested in your switch so I'd like to see real feedback on it. Perhaps you should send one out on a roadshow to get real reviews from AS members? I'd definitely be interested. Youtube videos are interesting but never conclusive.
  15. They're on similar levels, I'd say. The AN could just more finicky with tubes and cables. I had the most current version of the 2.1x Sig, purchased new from an AD, lived with it for about a year but I never gelled with it... even with my full AN system at the time. Had a big dynamic sound, but definitely not the most resolving and a little too forward for my taste. Found it to be very sensitive to the 6922 tubes and power cable, and I don't think ever landed on a good musical combination. It was always a bit dry sounding to me. Perhaps if I tried more, I would've landed on something good.
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