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  1. I also have one of these and yes, it is quite good! Replaced my Audio Note UK 2.1x Signature and Chord Hugo TT I had previously
  2. I'm using Pink Faun 2.16 and EtherRegen. Took some tweaks to get it where I like it but its working beautifully
  3. Good advice from everyone. In my experience, you get more for the money with a good analog setup vs digital. The quality of transport feeding the dac is just as important as the dac itself. Putting all your money into a dac could be disappointing if your transport is not on the same level. Like you, it was a real eye opener when I put a vintage turntable in my system just to try it out. My analog and digital setups are on the same level now, but I have way more $$ invested on the digital side of things. I use my analog setup as reference for any changes I make to the digital side
  4. Agreed. do your own comparisons in your own system and see what works for you. I tried two of the SFP's configurations that Taiko recommended, and greatly preferred one over the other. Stuck with it since and never looked back.
  5. I must be the only one that found the sound quality difference with the latest release to not necessarily be an improvement. I noticed a little more detail (mostly in the highs) that others are reporting and a little more authority in the lows, but I find the sound to be less natural overall and noticeably shorter soundstage (the first thing I noticed right off the bat). The release must’ve affected the balance I had with my configuration somehow, and I probably need to tweak some settings to optimize it. But reverted back 20200712 and all is well again, so I’ll probably just stick with this
  6. Has any one heard from Paul lately? I've sent him a few emails over the past couple weeks, but no response.
  7. If you search the other forums, there are plenty of people that have reported on listening impressions, as well as the buffalo switch which is essentially the same as the melco. You’re not going to find listening impressions in this objective forum.
  8. Yes if you read the thread, Roon said they allow manufactures to make the claim as long as the equipment is in the process of being certified. The problem is manufacturers in the middle of certification but not finishing it, or failing and not correcting it. I don’t know or care if Roon can afford legal to properly protect their IP.
  9. Interesting that Roon is choosing to enforce their IP by potentially bricking their paying member's equipment, rather than going after the manufacture themselves for making the false claim. Roon got themselves in this situation by allowing manufacturer's to claim "Roon Ready" before completing the Roon certification. The crux of the issue is that the manufacturers are claiming "Roon Ready" when the product is actually not. Roon should be be protecting their IP by going after the manufacturer to making the false claims.... i.e. forcing them to remove the false claim from their product
  10. Interesting move on Roon's part... I'm glad I decided not to continue my subscription!
  11. I found that the lower cost LPS (such as those made in China), aren’t great and can be quite polarizing depending on what they are feeding. For example, I have a cheap LPS that makes one of my Topping D50s sound a little better than an smps. But that same LPS makes my router sound worse than the the stock SMPS it came with. But then all the higher quality LPS’s I have (uptone js2, LPS 1.2, SR4, etc) make everything including that router sound significantly better than the SMPS. So I found that with cheap LPS, ymmv and can even sound worse. Higher quality LPS’s have always been an upgrade in
  12. For those that have upgraded to SR orange fuses, what is the proper orientation in the fuse holder?
  13. I was referring to your approximations for each voltage. It ranges from 9.0W to 9.8W. I’m just curious of what the actual measured current draw range is.
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