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  1. Vg to Exc with working remote. Thanks Korky
  2. Here's a 6 month old Chord Poly/Mojo with the latest software (v 2.0.4) which corrected the earlier problems with this combo. I do not have Roon, so I only used it to play from a 400 gb micro sd chip with its MPD player from my iPhone and Rigelian app and it worked great. It plays DSD files nicely.I got it from the original owner and it is in excellent condition. There is a tiny scratch on the plastic case that I (unsuccessfully) tried to capture (see pics) so it is minor. If my asking price is met, I’ll throw in the case, a two meter Audioquest Tower mini to RCA cable and new, unopened Tronsm
  3. I have no idea, but I would guess that it would be a lot of money. I can check when I get a chance. Where in Russia?
  4. That depends........ I would not be willing to pay the shipping cost to Russia. Best, Korky
  5. Here is an UltraRendu running SonicOrbiter 2.7 that I bought from the original owner about 2 weeks ago. I'm selling it with a basically new (one week old) UltraCap 1.2 power supply. Both are in excellent condition (See Pics). Includes everything that I recieved that is necessary to hook it up. I do not have the original box for the UltraRendu, but will pack everything well. My price of $1025 includes Paypal and shipping to the CONUS.
  6. Sorry....Forgot to add the proce......$115 shipped and paypal included.
  7. I optained this about a week ago (along with an UltraRendu) from the original owner who said he purchased it 6 months ago. It works perfectly with the UltraRendu and it sounds great. Selling it because I have other power supplies and I don't really need it.Excellent physical and operating condition (see pics). I'm not sure if there was an original box but will pack it well. Price is firm as it includes Paypal and shipping in Conus.
  8. Bought an Ultrarendu and Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS-1.........Case closed.
  9. Hi. I am an older guy new to this site and I was hoping to get some help. I own an Auraliti PK-90 running an early version of MPD (17.0?). I know that it is ancient by today's standards, but I still like the way it sounds, especially with the upgraded PS. I would like to keep it and do an upgrade to MPD, but this is beyond me, especially since it uses an older 44 pin IDE flash module. I have contacted Ray at Auraliti to no avail. I have tried to do it myself and even contacted local computer repair guys, but was unsuccessful. I would pay to have it done. Can anyone help me with thi
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