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    Gavin1977 reacted to J2000 in Hello, I am putting together a new Buffalo III DAC and upgrading an older BII. I came   
    I've since tried a combination of full sized reflektors, reflektor minis with 4 poles caps, an l adapter and ultrabibs. I've found the ultrabibs to be the most musical. I currently power the mercury dual mono, one ultrabib on the left avcc and one on the right, one for the dac and one for the cronus/amanero. Imagine and resolution is the best I've heard but I have struggled to the bass levels sounding "right." Different power supplies on the AVCC has an impact on the sound and the current supplied to a particular section also has an impact. The shunts sound great, but I'm still trying to determine the right balance between heat dissipation and sound. 
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