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  1. Curious about 4.9.0 sound what's the equivalent version in embedded😂? I also like IIR currently broken in my embedded version😔.
  2. Hi Guys, how do you think this mini pc would perform with hqplayer embedded, also is the spec decent enough for its price? https://www.hystou.com/gaming-mini-pc-f7-gtx-1650
  3. Hi @Miska Is there a plan date of release the version of embedded with Sinc-L?
  4. Thanks for the advise, I am running Ubuntu. Tomorrow morning i'll be hooking it up directly on the router. Only gripe is the router is on another room and is faraway. I already have the long lan cable(probably 30M, It will go through the walls and to the ceiling to the audio setup). Just being lazy setting it up . I'll hook it up directly just to test.
  5. Yup using wifi, I am also thinking that as the culprit, but I am not having this issue previously since I upgrade to a version with the adaptive volume. Maybe I'll try downgrading is it as simple as upgrading? I'll just install a previous package file and it will overwrite everything?
  6. Got issues playing Tidal tracks on the last two version of HQP Embedded, it stutters(not the stutter you get when using heavy filters, this one the machine hangs for quite a bit then continue playing) randomly now w/c works fine before, does not happen on local hi res files. Any ideas? please advise. Any logs I could view for sending?
  7. It workssss, Thanks @Miska, currently playing sinc-M - LNS15 sounds great! Current hardware can only play up to dsd 256. I swear once I have build my new pc, I will rush at your store and purchase the license. Thanks for the awesome support as always
  8. Hi @Miska, can you please point me to the right directory and file of the kernel package? I am thinking it is in this directory(for ubuntu) https://www.sonarnerd.net/src/bionic/. Do i need to install both the image and the header. Sorry for the many questions. I really want to make this work
  9. @Miska I am trying HQPlayer OS currently, I am using HQP Embedded on ubuntu currently. Is there a way I could install it directly on the internal hard disk and boot from there, instead of from the USB?. Will I be able to upsample to 1.536 pcm if I use your OS? right now with ubuntu/embedded I was not able to play properly the sound is sluggish and distorted any ideas also why it is behaving that way?
  10. Hello can anyone point me how to install hqplayer os directly in the internal hardisk. I was only able to boot it through the usb using the image. Is there a guide out there?
  11. Thanks lemme try your OS, currently it is setup in Ubuntu. Yeah for long-lp, I think I did not wait long enough I just though it crashed because there is no response for some time, did not know it could take hours.
  12. @Miska I am also trying PCM 1.536, but it wont play well, having sluggish distorted sound same as @bobflood. Is there any setting I need to trigger? Using embedded hqp(Trial) on a Spring 2. Or do you think its a hardware issue? Im using an HP prodesk 600 g2 Intel I5 8gb memory. It could play all filters at 256DSD except non2s. For PCM 768 plays fine on all filters except poly-sinc-long-lp it just crashes after a while and i need to restart the machine, weird because I could use this fine on DSD 256 after a few minutes of wait.
  13. Curious on this one also, until now I have not decided and currently eyeing the Ryzen 3950X. Also considering the i9-9900K/KS. So which one will be fully utilized higher cores/thread or higher clock speeds? 3rd Gen ryzen I have read is finding it hard to maintain higher or overclocked speeds.
  14. Recently I was not able to play tidal tracks in HQP(using mconnect lite), getting this error: (process:2235): RygelRenderer-WARNING **: 14:18:50.288: Failed to access resource at Connection terminated unexpectedly Using HQP embedded trial, anyone had similar issues? TIA
  15. Just FYI AMD announced the 16C 32T next gen Ryzen on E3 with 3950x to be release september all others july official list now are: AMD 'Matisse' Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs AnandTech Cores Threads Base Freq Boost Freq L2 Cache L3 Cache PCIe 4.0 DDR4 TDP Price (SEP) Ryzen 9 3950X 16C 32T 3.5 4.7 8 MB 64 MB 16+4+4
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