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  1. So maybe you can try to make the http stack more standard conform in future firmware releases, if possible. that will make the Lumin devices more compartible to the rest of DLNA / UPnP capable apps and programs. Like said, its no problem for me currently. I am happy that the device works at all and this is much more then with the Auralic device I had before. I can use more apps and the sound is equal or even better...., so every thing is fine. And ofcourse I hope this will be also the case for future firmwares.... BTW.: Is it possible to roll back a firmware on a U1 if
  2. Yes, I also was not happy to read that the implementation of the http stack of the Lumin devices seems to be not that good :-). But I also think that is related to the OpenHome extension and to the fact, that Lumin is interested in the best integration with their own app first. In the end it matters how good the device is sounding and if it can be used with an app that is also accessible to me and has all the features I need. I had an Aries G2 from Auralic before and I was only able to use this device with Auralic Lightning app, Linn Kazoo or the Lumin app. All this ap
  3. Hi, just for the records.... I was able to connect the Lumin U1 with the UPnP bridge plugin to my LMS. Http mode has to be set to fixed and transcoding has to be set to PCM. Playing gapless and also listening to hires material is possible with this settings. Transfering meta data beteween LMS and the player and also the behaviour when a playback is paused is not so good currently, because a track starts from the beginning when paused in the middle. But at least it works and music is not downsampled and that are the most important points for me...
  4. Yes, the question is, is the Lumin firmware not only OpenHome compatible and will it work also with normal UPNP standard..., whatever this standard is. I've not yet found an answer to this queswtion...
  5. Hi, I try to find out if the Lumin U1 transporter is able to work in usual DLNA / UPNP mode or is only useable with open home compatible apps like Linn Kazoo. I'd like to use the U1 with my Logitech Mediaserver and the iPeng app. If the U1 can also work in normal UPNP / DLNA mode it should be possible to connect the device via the upnp bridge plugin. Has anyone tried this before or does anyone have anU1 and can try to connect it to the Logitech Mediaserver for a quick test? I know there is a deticated Lumin app and Linn Kazoo should be also useab
  6. I currently have an Aries G2 which is a great device, but the app is crap and the manufacturer has no interest to modify it to be also good useable for a blind person. Also Auralic players do not support Deezer Hifi, which I prefer to use when streaming music. I'll keep the Aries when I can't find another device which sounds equal and has Deezer and a good to use app, but if I can find another streamer which more fits my needs I'll sell it.
  7. I am looking for a streamer / a network bridge with the following properties: - should be able to work with Qobuz, Deezer Hifi, Tidal and maybe Spotify - no internal DAC needed, - digital outputs, AES/EBU preferred - the app that controls the player should be easy to use and run under iOS on a iPhone or iPad - AirPlay and bluetooth would be nice to have Because I am blind, I can not use Roon, Roon isn't useable for people who need a screenreader on their smartphone, tablet or computer. I've found the following devices already that could b
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