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  1. Hi, I am reading this comments about soldering connections and wanted to ask if it concerns only "old" revision of DigiOne Signature? If I buy now a DigiOne Signature, is it ready to be simply attached to USBridge Sig without some special treatment?
  2. Hi, I am going to buy Allo USBridge Sig with Allo DigiOne Sig (combo in one case), and I would like to know if Moode OS 7.1.0 is fully supported? I would like to download the generic OS image from moodeaudio.org, put it to SD card ... or shoud I download image from allo site? Is there a difference? I have also noticed a separate power input in the combo case for DigiOne Sig clean side. Which power plug should I use? Is it DC 5.5 X 2.1mm Input?
  3. Hi @wklie I am on 12.0 firmware on my D2. Is there a new 12.0a version for manual update?
  4. They (asr) have recently grilled PS Audio DirectStream DAC - which is at 6000 $.
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