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  1. The worst thing ever happened in music was mp3. Second worst : the compact disc. If they made just a vinyl disc 24/96 then everything would be fine.
  2. An Evening of Magic by Chuck Mangione and 70 piece orchestra
  3. Compact Cassette - stopped Mini disc - stopped DCC - stopped DAT - stopped SACD - terrible Compact Disc - terrible, will stop? Vinyl - terrible, not dead yet So he / she who can make a new music medium is a genius.
  4. That's a part of my point. Much time and effort to record music, but no time and effort to make it interesting for music lovers to buy. Compact disc and vinyl sales is laughable.
  5. Thanks to Tidal I found a new pianist / trio Confirmation · Ethan Iverson · Ron Carter · Nasheet Waits
  6. I always listen to Ravel, can not get enough of it. Montero: Piano Concerto No. 1 "Latin" - Ravel: Piano Concerto in G / Montero, Prieto, Orchestra of the Americas
  7. The music industry is a very strange industry. They put a lot of effort, time and money to register every frequency that is in the air, but they do not write it back on the compact disc, because they decide that we can not hear that high frequencies. However that frequencies are present on a record, a playback system developed in 1888.
  8. There are only 2 leading classical music companies. They should do the job. Sony and Universal.
  9. I just quit the trial because the jazz department was bad.
  10. I want start with the composer's name. There should be a list we all should use. https://help.apple.com/itc/musicstyleguide/en.lproj/static.html#itc1b5f58a97 This list is far from complete. Any suggestions?
  11. I need some guiding for classical tagging. Now it is a complete mess. What is best practice ? Maybe https://www.dailyrindblog.com/classical-music-metadata-101/
  12. Windows 7 will keep running, only no updates. I see this positive. My 2 w7 pc's have a hard time with the updates lol.
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