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  1. There are only 2 leading classical music companies. They should do the job. Sony and Universal.
  2. I just quit the trial because the jazz department was bad.
  3. Most important is at home it must sound precise the same as live.
  4. I want start with the composer's name. There should be a list we all should use. https://help.apple.com/itc/musicstyleguide/en.lproj/static.html#itc1b5f58a97 This list is far from complete. Any suggestions?
  5. I need some guiding for classical tagging. Now it is a complete mess. What is best practice ? Maybe https://www.dailyrindblog.com/classical-music-metadata-101/
  6. Windows 7 will keep running, only no updates. I see this positive. My 2 w7 pc's have a hard time with the updates lol.
  7. Concord Jazz that's what I like
  8. Nowadays you can see the sound. 1st is vinyl recording 24/96 2nd is cd 3rd is 24/96 -> 16/44
  9. I had many HD. The old one's became back-up drive. Once the back-up drive failed. It was a Seagate 750 gb. Nvm, I have plenty of drives.
  10. I am back into vinyl because I missed some records. I stopped with record buying end 80's. My expectation was that in 30 years every recording ever made would be possible to download / stream. The reality is different. Missing a lot albums and some on cd have terrible sound. My oldest record is 50 years and it sounds good. You can say that I am a little bit amazed by the fact that some vinyl sounds better than the cd. The cd industry is doing something very wrong. They put very bad sound on the cd. An other point to make is that it is way nicer to watch and read an album than a booklet. There is one big flaw of vinyl, the scratches. I hate them. I record my vinyl in audacity and remove them. Now I have the goods from both worlds.
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