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  1. Sorry my wrong then but then maybe Merrill Audio should correct the information on their website. "The Mono blocks are a true fully balanced design with both input signals floating for a true balanced differential input, utilizing the Hypex Ncore NC1200."
  2. Merrill Audio use Hypex NCore modules. I don't know about all the others but like I wrote the majority of class D amplifiers on the market are based on readymade class D blocks.
  3. Anyone with some basic electronic design knowledge can put together a class A or A/B amplifier in the garage. It might not sound so great but you will get sound. Class D is much more complex and only very few designers are really trying. Mr Putzeys is a great designer with a brilliant mind but what is stopping more designers from coming up with competitive solutions? It appears that we have far more rocket scientists than what we have class D designers. Even the large audio brand buy readymade class D modules and put them into their amplifiers. Why aren't they trying to produce their own class D solutions? I think we would see a faster evolvement of class D amplification if there were more competition.
  4. Mr. Putzeys's statement was reading "it’s got at least one digit too many.” which should mean < 4,000
  5. we have a fascinating quote from Bruno Putzeys, stating: “Customers will find out that ultra high end amplifier performance doesn’t need to cost an "effing" 40 grand. That sort of number is completely unjustifiable for even the best imaginable amplifier, it’s got at least one digit too many.” This is some what confusing to read considering the price level of Mr. Putzeys's brand Mola Mola.
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