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  1. How far are the speakers from the rear wall? If they are far away that is a huge advantage. Forgot to ask you that before.
  2. I'm careful with my money so.....LOL. Of course I could always use a Hackintosh if I wanted to use OS X but I prefer older versions of Windows. Cmd_+ or - is usually replicated by Ctrl_mousewheel. But if you have an Apple mouse no wheel for you! I can't imagine pounding the + or - key to get the zoom right. Maybe in the Paleolithic Age....:) Thankfully I've migrated past stone implements. I just did an image search to make sure of that and noticed that at least on some models you have to charge it by turning it over. So you can't use it while its charging. Unbelievable. Maybe that increases mouse sales! Buy a 2nd so you always have one available! How you put up with a company like that is one of the world's greatest mysteries. And yes I did use OS X for a couple years. Maybe its improved in the last few years. When I upgrade the PC to compatible hardware I'll try it again. You never know. Logic may prevail.
  3. I use my monitors for reading/researching so the less wide they are the better. Your LG is a 21:9. I'd prefer a 16:10 30" IPS monitor from years back from the likes of HP or Dell if I could get my hands on one. Or two or tree. Now I use a 16:9 27" and its pretty good for my needs but once in a while it would be great to be able to get a little more screen real estate. Why don't I get a wider monitor as it sort of is the same? Well one thing is the cost. Looking up your LG 5K2K monitor reveals many selling for $1000-1500. My 27" cost me about $75 (used in perfect condition). I can pick up 19" 5:4 monitors all day long for $10-15 each. So for about $100 I can have a ton of screen real estate instead of a grand or more. If I want more real estate I can opt for 16:10 22" monitors at about $50 each. Or 3 27" ones for about $225. Also I hate microscopic fonts you tend to get with super high resolution monitors. My 27" is 1920 x 1080 and because my vision isn't perfect I don't notice any pixels. (Should I be so lucky!) And your speaker placement means your monitor is in the way of the speaker's radiation pattern. Would you listen to an audio system with something blocking the auditory path from speakers to your ears? I wouldn't. I've never seen an audiophile's system with something in the way like that. So I don't want it on my computer system. As for zooming the screen, yes I do that and it works great. But I still find some things are too small and I find myself inching closer over time. I could wear glasses but if you know anything about myopia vision digression wearing glasses drastically hastens that decline. And wearing them for close work makes it much worse. So I guess we're back to a board on top of the speakers on their side! This way as long as each monitor has vertical adjustment, I can get everything perfect no matter what. Of course it would be sweet to be able to move everything vertically together. And one could fashion something out of threaded pipe no doubt. I wouldn't care about the main monitor's horizontal adjustment but as long as I had tilt and vertical that would be enough. The wings though would have to have all 3 as when you're sitting farther back you want the wing angle decreased. Why do I want to move everything once in a while? Ergonomics. Your back will thank you if you don't stay in the same position all the time.
  4. No one has seemed to have figured this out yet. Most decent speakers you would consider for your computer are at least a foot high and 6" wide. You're sitting 18" - 24" away from the screens probably. Most screens used are at least 24". 2 or 3 of them present a huge hole in the middle when it comes to the soundstage. The speakers have to be placed WAY too far apart for decent imaging. Its even a problem with 21:9 monitors which are becoming far more popular now, even for just movie watching. Combing through pages and pages of computer setup images confirms this problem that non-audiophiles never seem to notice. Then again they often use garbage speakers. We need to place the speakers above or below this wall of monitors. Placing them below the monitors has a problem in that its not pointed towards the ears but horizontal dispersion of almost all speakers is excellent so maybe this isn't such a problem. A board could be placed on top of the speakers for all the monitors. No expensive monitor arms with all their clamping hassles would be needed. The space underneath could store the keyboard/mouse when not needed though the smart way is to place the keyboard/mouse on a level below your writing/work surface. For those that can't type properly a glass top can be used so they can see the keyboard. Mounting above the monitors is far more of a headache but could be done with some sort of frame. Then they would be pointed downwards though. This could also be incorporated into a sit/stand situation though that is more challenging still. Just to state the obvious....placing the speakers between multi monitors is just too dumb to mention. But I had to cover that since I see some people do it. Like this: https://cdn.wallpapersafari.com/4/82/LxE1B5.jpg Here they chose very short speakers but we know that its very unlikely they go anywhere near 100hz which means the sub is attempting to fill in the lower midrange which is always a huge mistake. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Pi_-k3azNhM/maxresdefault.jpg Its also pretty ludicrous to assume that such a small mounting point will hold such a wide structure. The slightest weight on the right side of the right monitor for instance is going to put huge pressure on that clamp due to leverage. Maybe he lives alone. You can see from many setups on this page that some people just don't bother with speakers at all or have eliminated them from the picture because they don't want to deal with them. But that's not realistic unless you're deaf. And not many of us want to wear earbuds or headphones all the time. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=triple+monitor&t=ffab&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fdigitalblasphemy.com%2Fgraphics%2Fuserpics%2Fendlessbluemulti.jpg I should also mention that it effects me more than most because I sit a little closer to my monitor than most. Another page adding speakers to the search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=triple+monitor+setup+speakers&t=ffab&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images
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