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  1. I don't know about speaker modification, but Ascend Acoustics is a company with similar philosophies and products. The president, Dave Fabrikant, is an engineer and chief designer. He makes amazing speakers with very little markup and participates in forums. I bought a pair of the Sierra 2s, and they are astoundingly good, very happy owner here. http://www.ascendacoustics.com/
  2. On my iPad, if it loses a connection to the DigiOne between sessions, I just close the app down completely (on iOS, double click home button and swipe up on the app to close) and reopen. No need to reboot the DigiOne in my case, only takes a few secs.
  3. Thanks. I may as well. It looks like the benefits would be landscape orientation, which looks much better here, and no ads for a one time $5.99 fee.
  4. Cebolla, I downloaded mconnect lite and it also works! I put in my Tidal credentials and it was immediately able to stream to my DigiOne. I only have a few mins with it, but so far I like the interface better than Volumio. No software volume control on this either, though. Do you know what the paid app offers over the free lite version? Thanks for the tip!
  5. OK, I was trying to say the same thing, just using the wrong verbiage. The API is what I was envisioning. This makes sense. I do not recall the Volumio interface displaying a resolution on playback, but will check tonight and report back if it does.
  6. Good question. I don't know. We know the first unfold is performed by the Tidal front end (web browser or app), I would think that is how Volumio passes it on, downstream from that, but I am not sure. Otherwise, that means they have a alternate line into Tidal's database outside of Tidal's customer products, which seems unlikely given how small Volumio is. But I'm just speculating. I looked through some of their documentation and it is not addressed.
  7. I just installed the DigiOne Player. I had it pre-installed with Volumio, and I am playing Tidal Hi Res through the Volumio interface. I signed up for Volumio and their $2.99/month pay service to get Tidal implementation. I control everything with my iPad /Volumio app. Works well and sounds fantastic! Still testing it out. Good news is the app is very responsive and playback is flawless, and a noticable sound quality improvement coming from Chromecast Audio. Not currently able to control volume with the ipad or software though, despite selecting software control. App is stable and respons
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