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  1. @simone Thank you very much for your reply and your listening impressions. I want to use the merging for DA and AD conversion and in this case, the Anubis costs only the half of the price. Therefore, I will choose the Anubis.
  2. Hi Audiophilestylists, did someone compare the Anubis to the Hapi in terms of DA quality? Thank you in advance Thorben
  3. The_Thor

    HQ Player

    Thank you very much for your reply. I will check the NAA support before buying my next DAC.
  4. The_Thor

    HQ Player

    Hi @Miska, thank you for your prompt reply. It is a shame, because I would like to use your Upsampling to 192 kHz for my Linn DS. :) Is the combination of Roon Core and HQPlayer Embedded for Upsampling and UPnP Renderer possible? Thank you very much!
  5. The_Thor

    HQ Player

    Hi Miska, I own a Linn DS UpNP streamer and would be very happy to use HQPlayer for streaming. Is this possible in the newer versions? I just found an old topic with this question. Thank you :)
  6. Hi bobfa, what do you mean with new Nadac? Is there a new Nadac 2 or do you mean the original one? Thank you!
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