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  1. Hi! I’ve been playing around with all of the MPD settings, including the parameters you’ve mentioned, and nothing really do any different - absolutely no difference in the representation of the clicks/pops between every track in the playlist?!?...?
  2. Hi all!...? All though I feel the SMS 200 Ultra sounds just right, there’s just one VERY annoying issue, that drives me absolutely crazy - killing ANY wish for listening to music?!?... The issue is, that in MPD mode -which I believe brings me the closest to the soul of the music- I’m having clicks/pops between every single track in the playlist. My DAC is the Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold. And when consulting the Antelope help and servicecenter, informing them about the observed issue, They’re confident it’s likely the MPD software, that causes a s
  3. Burn in - at the 50 hour mark!... I'm not gonna write a lot - but it's quite obvious, that the ISO Regen benefits quite a bit, by burn in!... How many hours the ISO Regen needs - hmmm - definitely more than 50 hours!...
  4. Hi!... Received the ISO Regen Yesterday!... Yes - until passing the 100 hour mark, I'm not gonna write my impression of this little "beast"!... I'll be back!...
  5. The sooner, the better!...[emoji6] I'll look forward having one of these in my system!...[emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  6. Thanks for all your thoughts - and help!... :-) All though, the "Teradac internal power filter module - three stages L-C-L-C-L-C filtering" has landed, I've just ordered the Uptone Audio MMK - my brain has decided, that this has to be the optimal sollution!... :-) Next: Power Supply??? As is I really don't think, that the Teradac has what it takes, to meet my wishes to sound quality!... For now, my list is as follows: 1. Uptone Audio JS-2 2. Qualia physic Concidering optimal sound quality, Paul Hynes should have been on the list, too - but, I'm really not confident doi
  7. Panelhead: I already know that HiFi-nuts, like muself, may do near stupid actions, to possible gain a bit more sound quality?!?...[emoji51]. Wise or not - if done enough times, maybe one will reach the sound of nirvana?...[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  8. Hi!...[emoji6] Situation is, that I've just "upgraded" to an Mac Mini 2012 Quad Core - replacing a MacBook 2009! Both of the above mentioned upgraded with SSD and max RAM! Surprisingly, the MacBook delievers the best sound Quality??? But - I'm quite confident, that adding a dedicated Linear Power Supply to the Mac Mini, will elevate the sound quality above the MacBook - I believe so! In my search for external Linear Power Supplys for the Mac Mini, I've come across Uptone Audio and Teradac - which delivers a full sollution - Linear Power Supply and a filter module replacing
  9. Mike - I totally agree to your statement about Paul Hynes!... And yes - been there, done that!... Newer again, will I place an order by Paul Hynes - the guy of endelses excusses!... Next time, I'll buy the Uptone Power Supply's!...
  10. Hi!...[emoji6] What's the best way implementing the MicroRendu - sound quality as the most important factor?... Every input will be highly appreciated!...[emoji482]
  11. After a bit of reading, to my understanding, I end up with, that the best route, also concidering SQ, is to go for a NAS - for music files - and the Minimserver software?.... As is, I'm concider purchasing the Synology DS716+ - any comments to that, would be most helpfull?...[emoji6]
  12. I like simplicity A LOT!...[emoji6] So - for simplicity, and best SQ, I'd like taking this route: Connecting my existing external HDD to the SonicTransporter. SonicTransporter and external HDD placed right beside my router - Apple Airport Extreme. The MicroRendu placed next to my USB to SPDIF converter - Sonicweld Diverter HR. And of course connected to this. The MicroRendu should the be connected to my router (by wire). All set up!... Then my concern is - need a bulletproof sollution for automatic Backup?...
  13. Hi!... Been ordering the RUR one week ago, I was not told, a new board was ahead - and that I could benefit, waiting another week - a bit disapointing!...
  14. I dont know, if it's possible!...[emoji6]. But - editing tags in the remote app (Audirvana), would be a pretty awsome feature!....[emoji41]
  15. Don't know why, but upgrading to Audirvana 2, has left me with confusion - sound wise!... I know, I know - needs an explanation!...? In the previous version (1.?), I run the software in iTunes integrated mode, and was upsampling by x2, and was very happy by the sound - upsampling has always sounded better, than not upsampling!... Now, running Audirvana 2 Plus, I simply feel, that I'm not fully satisfied - really hard to explain what's wrong!... And yes - I've been "rolling" a lot with the iZotope setting, too!.. Today, because nothing should be untried, I unchecked the upsampli
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