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  1. Hi. Thanks a lot for your advices. As I am just a cusual listener, 800$ is a bit too much for me. I think I could try and save up to 300-400$ or so. I asked around for a bit and got recommend with AKG K553 and ATH M50x for an budget entry level headphone. I hope you guys can give your opinion on these two if you have used them. About the phone, current I am using iPhone 4 for music listening. I am thinking of upgrading to LG V20 because I prefer android and I also heard that it has a better intergrated DAC. As for the portable DAC, I think I will get a Dragonfly Black and maybe a Schiit Fulla 2 if I got money to spare. I read that these two DACs perform quite well for their budget.
  2. I am rather new to the audiophile scene and recently decided to make my first purchase. I am a student. So I only have a budget of around 200$. I listen to quite a few genres, but mostly jazz and funk. I also enjoy listening to hiphop, synthwave and electronic so I am thinking of something with balanced sound. I also have no DAC/AMP right now because my last DAC which is a FiiO E10K recently broke. So I think they have to work well without the DAC until I save up enough to get one. I did a bit of digging here and there and found a few pairs of headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Sennheiser HD 598 Plantronic back beat pro 2 However, I can't decide on which of those 4 to get as I have never listened on any of them. I dont know much about the sound quality as well as how comfortable they are. I have heard that the DT 770 without a DAC is kinda meh while the Plantronic is rather uncomfortable. I am fine with either wired or wireless. I would be grateful if you could help me with which DAC to pair with the headphone as well. Thanks.
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