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  1. I know i'm very very late on this, but I had the same problem. In case somebody else stumble upon this forum from googling, here's what I did to fix the issue. Turns out at least on my configuration (KEF X300A via USB 3.0 port on my windows 10 laptop) the "default format" needs to be specified from the settings. open the "sounds" settings by clicking the speaker icon on task bar, and click on "sounds" Identify your speaker on the "Playback" tab Right click on X300A and select "Properties" Navigate to "Advanced" tab On the default format, choose 24bit 96000 Hz (I chose this because that's what's written on the speakers) You may or may not uncheck the "Allow application to gain exclusive control" setting, depending on your usage this may or may not affect you. Apply the settings Enjoy the full sound.
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