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  1. Great article! But I'm really curious about Pioneer. I KNOW that's not a normal audiophile brand (even "Elite" which is the moniker most of their class D stuff fits under as Class D3 ), but they have been making their own Class D parts for some time. Originally they sold ICEpower based kit, but switched over to their own some years ago. Reviews (for what it is worth) improved after the switch and are pretty much all very positive, where they can be found. Also, while you might find some reviews with some THD+N graphs, inevitably (for almost all class D gear), they're only at 1000hz. Class D tends to fall down, if it does, at higher frequencies. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/D3 So.... ? Another interesting comparison would be powered speakers, which largely use Class D amps. Dynaudio, I believe, uses Pascal Class D boards in their speakers. Thanks again for a great article.
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