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  1. Hello, I have a 10G switch powered by the 500 psu. I have 3 items plugged into the 10G which are Streamer/DAC, NAS and router/modem are plugged in and it works flawlessly. I am so impressed I am getting a second 10G/500 combo connected in series as suggested by SoTM. Where do i plug in my my 3 devices ? Thank you in advance.
  2. Informed that a new Hdplex 300 watts LPSU will be available in 12/19 which replaces the Hdplex 200 watts LPSU. I am wondering what changes are made any one have any ideas please chime in. Thank you.
  3. The fuse rating is 6.3 amps 250 volts Fast blow. I have installed in both my 100 and 200 the Synergistic Black fuse and it does increase my musical enjoyment, also tried the Fuurtech Blue and not as good as the SR. Most importantly in my system, it generates the most enjoyable musical presentation when only a single device is only plugged into the 200 or 100. Multiple devices at the same time appears to introduce some harshness. Eventually my 100 will be replaced with a second 200. My ears are the only measuring tools that I have. The 200 runs around 85 F and 100 around 87 F. My next move is to have the HDplex supported on Nordost Kones this will help air flow also. Another thing is that the HDplex 200 is ruthlessly revealing with zero forgiveness and requires better DC cables than the supplied stock cables. One of the things that experienced was an increase of sibilance - Ssssss out of vocals. Managed to tame with use of ferrite cores. This is not a 100% cure, a bit still exist on a few tracks but does not interfere with my listening pleasure that I take so seriously and sure you do also.
  4. Congratulations to all new owners and abundance of enjoyment. Is there a chance that some one please tell me the amperage rating of the fuse in your new HDPLEX ? Thank you in advance.
  5. Placed my order a few days ago via their website for their new 200 watts HDplex. Not sure about delivery and I am hoping perhaps 4 to 8 weeks? I am listening to the 2016 model 100 watts feeding a TP-Link MC100 ethernet isolator, so far I prefer the music from the HDplex compared to a few others. Will post my opinion about the sonics.
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