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  1. See below para from @austinpop review iof the Terminator. So I'm interested in whether, if I got Roon, I could use Roon's "precise, minimum phase" filter to upsample Tidal PCM content to 352.8/384 before sending it to my dCS NB and then to the Terminator via dual AES/EBU cables? And would thsat sound better than 16/44 PCM? https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/my-quest-for-a-new-dac-part-3-denafrips-terminator-r740/ Oversampling and Filtering According to Mr. Zhao, designer of the Terminator, "In OS mode, it is oversampling to PCM384 / DSD256 respectively. The filter is undisclosed." It didn't take me long to discern the Terminator sounded much better in OS mode (i.e. NOS OFF). The difference was not subtle. The soundstage was more expansive, and the sound was just more refined across the board. OS stayed on for the rest of the evaluation. Exploring this further, I experimented with upsampling using Roon's DSP. Upsampling PCM content to 352.8/384 using the "precise, minimum phase" filter, I heard a pretty nice bump in sound quality, over and above the Terminator's built-in OS. In the past, I seem to have gravitated to DACs that did not particularly benefit from SW upsampling, so this experience was a new one for me. I kept this setting for the remainder of my evaluation, and the comparisons. Note: I did not upsample DSD input streams. I know people will ask - why not HQPlayer? As I've explained previously, my upstream chain has been optimized around a low-powered music server, the Innuos Zenith SE, which does not have the horsepower to run HQPlayer, and is not (yet) supporting HQPlayer's NAA endpoint. Given my experience, I would strongly encourage people considering this DAC evaluate it with upstream software upsampling and filters.
  2. We haven't left yet! And hopefully never will.... By the way - I just spoke to Iain and found out that he will indeed be bringing a Terminator to the North West Cranage Hall HiFi Show on 29th/30th June: http://audioshow.co.uk/
  3. You could try Iain Borthwick at Willow Tree Audio in the UK. I think he will be at the UK N.W. Audio Show in Cranage Hall on the 29th June, but I don't know whether he will a Terminator there.
  4. Lovely system does the Gustard convert the output of the termy to usb or i2 s?
  5. Anyone know a Terminator owner who lives inNorthern England or wales? who might be willing to let me hear it briefly? l am an academic at Lancaster University...
  6. Yes, those are excellent caps: https://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/elna_capacitors.html http://www.elna.co.jp/en/capacitor/onkyou/silmic.html
  7. thanks Miska I took the Cisco switch out a few weeks ago as it didn't seem to make as much difference now I have the Network Bridge but maybe I'll put it back again as a kind of EM noise buffer I have no idea whether I have 802.3x flow control enabled in the Cisco settings....? I reset the switch when I bought it - have no other way of interaacting with it i have no console cable, etc.
  8. Hi Blakcloud Thanks for that information. That's really interesting and useful to know. I connect my dCS Network Bridge to my Naim 272 DAC with a Chord Shawline spdif cable. It sounds excellent. So it's great to know that spdif sounds good between a streamer and the Terminator too. If I buy a Termy now I'll either connect by spdif or dual AES. IIRC, although I've never used it that way, the NB sends out twice as much data via dual AES for higher sampling rates. It's interesting that the I2s and usb connections into the Termy seem to process files at higher sampling rates. But I'm not sure what that means? Does it mean that it upsamples redbook files to those much higher rates? I need technical advice on this, as per my and Austinpop's Qs above... Jim
  9. Yup, tidal servers are my nas. thats why I’m working on how I can min8mise the em mess created in my isp plus-net router ...
  10. I shall always worry about EM noise getting into my hifi, as that's one of the main causes of bad SQ and controlling EM noise is therefore one of the best ways to get better SQ I don't use a PC for hifi at all my signal chain is Tidal - Plusnet router - Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch (not currently in use) - dCS Network Bridge - Naim 272 (streamer/DAC/preamp) - Naim 150x power amp -Naim Ariva Speakers I'm planning to use a different device to take functionality away from my crappy router and upgrade my DAC - perhaps to a Terminator that will force me to sell my 272 and get a new preamp the strange thing is though that my system sounds b far the best it ever has in my life so it's a very risky moment to tear the system apart from the centre outwards...
  11. Yes, it has a metal plate between the huge transformers/PSUs on the ground floor and the filters and music making circuits above. None of the reviews I've read have mentioned EM noise as a problem for the Terminator. my comment about noise was actually not about the Terminator - it was about PCs generally as a part of an audio system. PCs are designed so badly in terms of EM noise... anyway, that's a topic for another thread!
  12. From a dedicated audio PC? How long is the USB cable? I hate the idea of plugging an electrically noisy PC into my hifi! Also, why is this thread so quiet at such a dramatic time in the evolution of the Terminator? Is there a place online elsewhere, where lotsof current and possible Terminator owners are actively discussing the new board and how this will change things for them, and whether to get a Terminator? Or does that not happen for this product? Also, have you guys all seen the amusing videos about the Terminator by OCD HiFI Guy on YouTube?
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