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  1. Embedded license key is hardware locked, while Desktop one is not.. I have been the same problems and hqpe off after 30 minutes. Why I'm adding key.
  2. thank miska..so I can log hqpe ang add libral music sudo mkdir /audio/84278ace-1cc1-4bbd-9e3d-99910e199958 sudo mount -t cifs -o username=guest,password=duong1234,vers=1.0 // /audio/84278ace-1cc1-4bbd-9e3d-99910e199958
  3. tieuphi2006

    HQ Player

    How to add library form Nas Synology to hqpe?
  4. Help me again please! Hqpe os how to change ip Hqpe on Ubuntu it's not sound and I'm not add library. I'm try google but I can't make its playing. Thanks miska again! Untitled Document 1
  5. What's problems with my hqpe, I am just add key. Why it's not run, no sounds and no add library music. It's not play music. Some people help me please!
  6. Help me how to connect hqpe to Nas Synology?
  7. I'm connected to hqpe but I don't know how to make add file library for the Nas Synology. I don't know why it's not sound ? My 'combo384 amanero: usb audio' not found, sometime found. I'm sure use hqpe 4,18 or 4,17
  8. Help me! hqplayerd -s username password ( -s or -u) I'm not login use and pass I use -u but I can't login. What is use pas login ?
  9. Sorry I do that but I don't know how to add key HQplayer embedded because of my misstake something's And use HQplayer OS image, I'm not find ip address.. I just think about it so easy install HQplayer embedded and I don't know why me to wrong.
  10. Help me.. How to install hqplayer 4 embedded I'm install it on Ubuntu 18.04 but it's not run.
  11. How to install NAA into jetson nano developer kit? Help me please, thank!
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