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  1. Wow. I'm impressed. I do have a question, but I will save it for later this week. Just finished my shift an hr ago and need to relax with some music. (Too tired to e coherent ) Talk to you soon, and thanks again.
  2. @Quadman Thank you for responding. Everything is fine now. I may not had it unplugged long enough the first time, so your 30 second solution may be the correct one. However let me add what I did do so if it comes up again you can reference my experience. I flipped the 110 220 switch a couple of times. I removed the cover and detached the ribbon power cables to the each of the 2 boards. Put back together and it was ok My thinking with the ribbon cable was that there was " flea power" being transmitted enough to hold a bad setting. As an audiophile you may be able to hear me grasping at straws. LOL I did not want to have to buy a New DAC. At about 900.00 bucks, that's a lot for a working stiff . Anyways thanks for your response. I hope to be back soon and hopefully contribute; if only my opinion. Take care
  3. I am brand new here. Please advise if I am not following protocol. I was moving some connections around on my Gustard DAC-X20 andn now it does not read any of them. it there a reset jumper or anything that anyone knows of? Thanks in advance.
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